I saw the FIRST damier speedy today!

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  1. So I went to the local tea house/station to get my usual tapioca boba drink (yes, I'm so chink :lol:), and lord and behold a girl walked in carrying a damier speedy 25!! I almost dropped my drink since she's the first girl I seen with the new damier speedy at my area (ok, so I don't go out that much). :shocked: I wasn't carrying mine today and I was really missing my little speedy back home when I saw hers. :sad: But I was really excited to see the girl with one and I didn't know I was staring at it so intensely until she gave me a dirty look and walked away. :angel: I really wanted to stop her and ask "hey, do you tPF?" :shame:

    She was really creative with the speedy because she had white pearls drapping around the handles. Thought that was pretty cool. :love:
  2. Lucky you!:smile: All I keep seeing are FAKE LVs!!!:rant:
  3. oh dont ya just hate it when you have THAT same bag, but you're not wearing it at the VERY moment???!!!!

    stink on how she gave you a dirty look!!! :yucky:

    i hope she wasnt a PF-er! hehehehehe! :roflmfao:
  4. So true, if I see one more Speedy or Alma with feet!!
  5. i have yet to see a damier speedy, but I saw 2 PH, 2 petit buckets, and a croissant yesterday.
  6. I too saw a woman with a damier speedy 30! :P and I felt the same way you did, because I bought mine that very same day and I wasn't wearing it! Where I live, I rarely see damier so when I saw it on her it was pretty neat! but at the same time I think it's nice having a purse that you dont see people with too often:rolleyes: ...kinda like the mono speedy, I love it, but I see wwaaayyy to many fakes on a day to day basis:rant:

  7. I want Boba now..
  8. hehe...mee too
  9. I KNOW! I found out that when you see someone with an LV bag or whatever there's a 99% chance it's a fake.

    It's really bad when there's people like us that pay big money for the real thing.
  10. I haven't seen any damier speedies in my area yet...so I feel special carrying mine around:angel:
  11. I adore my damier speedy:heart: Today I have only seen mono canvas 25 & 30 speedy and both authentic.
  12. Boba tea, I got so distracted thinking how yummy it is. Mmmm

    Pearls, what a cute idea!
  13. Yum yum boba!! :love: But it can sure make a girl fat :mad: but I still drink it anyway. :angel:

    Yes, the string of white pearls wrap around the handles and having it dangle as you walk makes the damier speedy looks very feminine. I love it! :love:
  14. My friend calls it "gulp and chew" but I love it, especially taro flavoured (tastes like cookies !).

    The string of pearls sounds so cute, I may have her bite her styles, although I think it would look more elegant without a monogram bag, or with a plain coloured bag.
  15. I haven't seen the damier speedy yet. Which is probably a good thing because I'm sure I would want it.
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