I saw THE fakiest LV bag today!

  1. I was at a party today at someone's house (a party for work) and one of the guests had a LV bag with her. Of course, I noticed it when I was quite far away from the person. I knew it was a speedy. When I got closer, I knew that it was a FAKE speedy. There were SOOOO many things that just screamed "FAAAAAAKE"! First of all, it wasn't made of one piece of canvas (you know how you have letters upside down on one side?), so you could see that the bottom was a different piece of canvas. The handles were VERY long. She could almost wear it on her shoulder. The leaf/petal that says "LOUIS VUITTON PARIS" was not even in that shape! It was almost a perfect circle! The hardware wasn't gold...sort of a mix of gold and silver. It looked SO bad. I was secretly hoping to see that ugly green tag hanging off of one of the handles (how evil am I?...LOL). How was she not embarassed to be seen with it?

    Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you guys. I wouldn't have ever even noticed it if I didn't learn how to spot fakes in this forum!
  2. It's funny that you shared this story with us because I just had a similar experience. I saw this woman on the street who was carrying the fakest speedy, with almost the same exact "defects" as the one you saw. I happened to be carrying my speedy (which of course is real) and she gave me a funny look. I was wondering what she was thinking because her bag was a hot mess. It looked like it was falling apart already. Oh well. I'm not trying to be snobby. I just noticed that she gave me the strangest look when she saw my bag.
  3. She probably thinks HERS is real and yours is fake!!! LOL!
  4. OMG! i hate it wen ppl ccarry fakes! especially when it's an UBER-SUPER-FAKE! lol I don't understand how they can go out of the house like that, it's like...nevermind how others think about you, have some respect for YOURSELF, lady! and I'm sorry if i look down at these women, but I think they should know better than to support illegal bag trades. I tend to give them my "EVIL EYE" when i pass by them...lol...I'm so bad...
  5. Have you noticed that the people who carry fakes always look like they are so pleased with themselves, often with a snobby attitude?

    And they usually carry something like this :yucky: :sick:


  6. gosh arent those real chaneller? lol I'm sure they are part of your collection cos your got so much style lol jokes!!!!
  7. i wonder if people who carry fakes think that they are fooling people
  8. Well if they even realize that there fake, then I think yes, they are trying to fool people. They probably figure who's gonna know!! Ha!! Not if you got a PF'r behind you!!! I have learned so much about spotting fakes here!! I'm still trying to hone my skills but this place is awesome for learning!!!
  9. I think that a lot of people who carry fake bags don't know enough about the real thing to know just how horribly fake/bad/ugly they look!
  10. I find people that carry fake Louis vuitton are very snobby.
  11. This one girl in my old math class had a fake speedy with feets and extremely long handles, and it was too bad, I don't think she even knew it was fake because it was old with a patina and everyting. Too bad it was fake, because she really is the type that could carry off a real LV in style.
  12. Oh yuck! For the amount of money that people spend on some of those fakes, they should spend a few bucks more and get the real thing!
  13. Did you pour wine on her fake speedy?
  14. Yeah, how cute is my "Cherry Blossom CK bag"? :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Seriously I want to destroy all those creepy mutant bags! :mad:
  15. That lady was VERY snobby!!!!! I never thought of that but it does make sense! People with fake bags act snobby (trying to be someone they are not????)!