I saw the epi cannelle in person today

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  1. and actually I really liked it. It is a subtle color and goes with everything. How many have you have bought cannelle bags, wallets. Do you think the color is for a mature person? The SA said it was very popular.
  2. I am not a "fan" of that color, but I do find it attractive, and probably, practical. I am not sure if I am purchasing any items in that color.

    I guess by age, I would be considered a "mature" person, but I like the vibrant colors. I usually find a way to incorporate these colors year round in my wardrobe.
  3. I think the color is gorgeous but..... it would look 100% better with gold hardware. I think the silver is too cool for the Cannelle
  4. Uhm..cannelle...do you have pictures?

  5. I agree.

  6. Here's the speedy 25 in cannelle.
  7. There is just something about the Cannelle that I don't like. I can't really explain it. I guess it's just kind of dull looking to me. :shrugs:

    I have a Tod's bag that is a little bit darker than the Cannelle and I love it way more.
  8. I always think that if I am going to carry a brown bag, I'll carry a Damier (or my lone monogram, a well-patina'd petit ellipse). Epi is where I think about splurging on COLOR (or elegant black). But brown epi doesn't really fit in the picture.
  9. It's a beatiful color but I like fawn or mocha better.
  10. I've got a Cannelle Alma. It does look a little more classic (matured) than other epi bags. It don't think it fits a teenager yet it's definitely a good bag for every 20 something.

    I agree with many of you that when I first saw the colour on paper/internet, it looks dull and something's not right about it for an epi bag. And thought gold hardware would go better with it. However, when I saw it in person, it's a totally different story. Gold hardware doesn't actually go with the colour IRL (even the speedy above doesn't show its real colour IMO). And it definitely looks better IRL too. I love the Cipango Gold Alma and had been searching for one, as soon as I got this Cannelle, a forum member was selling hers on eBay, it was so hard for me to decide to return the Cannelle and get the Gold or keep it. I think I am keeping the Cannelle, the more I look at it, the more I like it and the Cipango Gold looks a little dated. Cannelle is a really versatile bag and easy to use.
  11. Isn't it gorgeous ? I really like it ! :yes:
  12. Thanks for the pics!
    well....i need to say that....

    is simply GORGEOUS!!!!! :nuts::yahoo::drool:
    it seems like gold color?!
  13. It kind of reminds me of caramel or peanut butter. It's lovely.
  14. I think the color is lovely but the strips with the color seems a bit off...

    But I only like the Epi in Black so I am biased.....:P
  15. For some reason I don't like this color. Maybe if it was a bit darker it would be okay.
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