I saw the embossed collection in the boutique today

  1. Ladies and gents let me tell you that these bags are gorgeous. I was so much more impressed by them in person than in pics. The pics were pretty too, don't get me wrong but in person? WOW.

    I mean WOW! :drool:

    I saw the Polly and the Stephen. The stephen called me a little more than the polly in all honesty.
    But if I were to get it then I'd have two stephens (mono and embossed).

    I guess that's not so bad when you think about people with Speedy's from different lines (epi, mono, damier). But i don't need to buy anything else. :Push:

    I tried on the Polly and it was SOOOO sophisticated. More so than the leopard.
    Then i tried on the stephen and nearly passed out. :sweatdrop: Loved it!!!

    There is something about that bag that I can't get enough of. The SA kept telling me that I should get the Polly over the Stephen. Then an on-looker chimed in and said the Stephen was "just too big" and "looked like I was overdoing it"

    Ugh. If he only knew that I already have a stephen. LOL. I totally disagreed. its the big bulky look of the stephen that calls me :happydance: Makes a HUGE statement. Plus there is no vachetta on the embossed. LOL :angel: Love it.

    Anyway I had to drag myself out of the boutique because I really like the embossed line. Its timeless. Gorgeous. The feel of the leather is superb.

    I do wonder about water and rain though. I forgot to ask that.

    Sorry for the long post. Go check them out!!!!!
  2. They look beautiful... and of course, naturally, out of my budget.
  3. Yes!!
    I saw these too & am in LOVE!! They are so much prettier IRL, I love the stephen & am going back & forth on the size. The Polly is very sophisticated like you said, I don't know if I can carry it off. What are you going to do? I am on the fence between the two, don't have the Mono Steven like you do & I thought the Embossed felt a lot heavier than the Mono. argggghhhh I am so confused right now!
  4. Im still on the waitlist..LOL..DYING to see the embossed...WAHHHH!!What was the US prices on the 2 bags?

  5. $3750 for the embossed stephen

    $3450 for the embossed Polly.

    Jill we have similar taste and i promise you ---you will DIE when you see the embossed Stephen. You will just die. Its so beautiful.

    I saw it in Gris (grey). I liked that color a lot. Just gorgeous.
  6. I totally agree the embossed collection is just gorgeous, I wish I could see it IRL :yes:

    So will you be getting it? :graucho:
  7. Yes the gris is the best. I thought I wanted the Ivoir[Ivory?], but once I saw the gris....mmmm, it is so pretty!
  8. Im on the list for the grey one actually..I talked to my SA yesterday..My store STILL doesnt have it in yet....annoying...LOL
  9. Here's a pic of the Polly. I cannot find an ad with the embossed Stephen. Anyone??

    IRL the embossed bags are not shiny on the leather portion like in pics. Its more matte.

  10. How big is the polly...2 Stephen bags is overboard..NO??LOL???

  11. ^^Me too!! I saw pics of the ivory first and loved it. But after seeing the gris in person I really fell in love.

    JILL--you are SO going to love the gris. Hope your store gets it soon.
  12. NOPE. Not overboard at ALL. They are both limited. Months from now pepople will be kicking themsleves for not jumping on it. Kinda like the Mizi. :yes:

    Also think aboout people w/ different speedies. Epi, damier, mono, MC. Its the same thing.

    (Notice I'm convincing myself too. LOL :lol: )
  13. Here's the GRIS!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool: :drool:

    It is a bit lighter in person though. Not as black/dark looking. It looks 1000% better in person :yes:

  14. Whats the measurements on the POLLY..they arent on the LV website...
  15. The mono embossed polly *is* gorgeous, but alas, I just can't bring myself to justify spending more than $2000 on a purse. Now if one just happened to end up on my doorstep, I would be ecstatic!