I saw the Diamond Birkin!!!

  1. Was at SCP today and my SA brought out the black croc Diamond Birkin for me to check out.:love: :love: :love: As beautiful as I thought it was going to be, it exceeded that by FAR! It really took my breath away - the diamonds are very large for being pave set and the porosus croc was amazing.....sigh....
    My SA told me that the tax alone could almost buy 2 regular Birkins. Yikes.

    check on the inventory thread for other bags I saw...
  2. :girlsigh: yes they use larger diamonds than usual and a pretty good quality too vvs2 it is atually "overpriced" but i don´t care if you are that beautiful you are allowed to be that expensive
  3. Wow, Greentea! What a treat to see the Holy Grail of bags! Lucky girl!
  4. Did you try carrying it??? :nuts: I LOOOVE it, but too bad it's not fuchsia and ... well I have to buy other things first.:lol:
  5. ^^ Oh yes, I was allowed to carry and model it briefly. It was quite lightweight. OOOHHH, the shine on that baby!!!

    Lilach, LOL! It's quite overpriced but I like your reasoning. :smile:
  6. It was so amazing~ I mean, that bag changed my opinion about black 35cm Birkin~ If I ever get a 35cm Birkin, it'll have to be in CROC!!! Porosus Croc!!! The bag actually didn't look that big either. Last time I was there I asked her if I can order a diamond bag in 10 years and she said I could if she is still around by then.:lol:
  7. And you didn't buy it! I am so disappointed in you GT! LOL!!!
  8. ^^ Yeah, my dh is REALLY broken up about it!! :P
  9. I know Kou is not going to like that bag..you see how many people tried it on already..:roflmfao:
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. Lol!!!!
  12. Oh man,. your eye's are so lucky.
  13. I agree!! :yes:
  14. WOW! US$168,900 is just the list price not including tax? :wtf:

    Greentea, is the tax rate 7% ?
  15. shoot!

    Now I can never bring myself to buying that bag! I would prefer to split that money and put it in my kids trust accounts. What a tease!