i saw the damier mini koala today and i'm in love!!!

  1. i wanted to get the cles and then i saw the mini koala:love:...omg now i dunno which one i want!!! its sooo tiny and so adorable...so i ended up not getting anything. the cles is 160 and the koala is 330...i'm in a dilemma :drool:
  2. ooh the mini koala sounds cute!! does anybody happen to have a pic??
  3. my friend is the ultimate enabler and i ALMOST got it today...if i really do happen to get it, i'll def post a pic later on, but for now i can only drool :shame:
  4. If you could post a picture of the mini koala I would be grateful...totally clueless here...but in general follow your heart...
    which in your opinion is the best to look at when you open your bag??lol
  5. ooooo.. is the mini koala a new item? i've only seen/heard of the koala but not the mini version... can't wait for your pics!!
  6. are you talking about this?????
    OMFG it's so cuuuuuuttttttteeeeeeee.....I had a heart attack and came back....this one definitely...
    does it have a chain or a d-ring?
    p10987769_ph_hero.jpg p10987769_ph_detail_01.jpg
  7. precisely my reaction when i saw it!!!!! i went in for the cles but when i saw this in the display i was like, omgggggggg i want it! its so petit and it fits in your palm like a lil puppy!!!! :woohoo: i does not have a chain or anything, its just what it looks like in the pic~~~ wow now i REALLY want it :love:
  8. and you should get it....ohhh I need something to drink...I'm not well...
    and it goes perfectly with my koala wallet...I want it...
    Go get it..and imagine it in vernis...hah:drool:
  9. AHAHAHHA you're funny!!! yeah , seriously i'm gonna get it then...i'll post pic once i seal the deal :yahoo:
  10. That's our girl....go grab it...haha
    thanks for enlightening us anyway...
  11. anytime!!! i must fulfill my role as a tpf enabler too :p
  12. That is cute! I want one ....
  13. Oooh, that's just adorable!
  14. I have this!Get it now as it has been discontinued!
  15. omg are you serious? so is this a limited edition????:wtf: