i saw the cutest thing at LV today, a new suhuali change purse...

  1. in the same line as the Le Confident. [edit, thanks all], Le Mignon, it was $435 and a great size. would fit everything i currently have in my wallet. It was maybe 3x5x2 with a little clasp on it. Adorable.

    (i also tried on the suhali ballet flats, and they are perfect).

    and i picked up my Speedy 30 today, it was being repaired. : )!
  2. its called le mignon. i cant wait to see it IRL. i think it might be my first suhali piece.
  3. It is just too adorable. Does anyone know what colour it comes it?
  4. the guy said black and white, and that he is pretty sure it comes in the grey but he couldn't find it.
  5. black and white so far.
  6. ah yes, that's right. :biggrin:.

    what color are you thinking of getting?
  7. yup, le mignon...it might be my first piece of suhali too lol when i get out of my ban
  8. black, the white would show too much dirt.
  9. i will check to see on tuesday if my LV has it. i was there a week ago and some lady had just bought the only two they had. i was :mad: lol.
  10. yeah. and the black is so gorgeous and perfect.
  11. The Le Mignon! :woohoo:
  12. lol. i love that emoticon. lol.
  13. I'd love to see it in the grey.
  14. It's a cutie....probably why it's aptly called, "Le Mignon".......lol
  15. oh man, i really need another trip to france. they're only 295 euros, so after the conversion and the vat back, it would be $350 instead of $435. :sad:.

    (and the keepall i want would be $700, instead of $875 :push:smile: