I saw the black empreinte!

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  1. Stores are starting to get them in and it is almost identical to infini. The only telling difference is the thread. Inside is a grey color. It is gorgeous though :smile: here's a shot next to my infini Artsy. Sorry I don't know how to fix my pic...

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  2. Oh, it's beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Thanks for the spy pic. I'll have to go in to my local boutique and ask my SA.
  4. Very pretty! I'm glad you cleared that up for us because I really thought i looking at an Infini Artsy😊. I have the Infini also so I don't feel too bad that they are so similar. Thanks for the pics!
  5. Looks so similar! Thanks for sharing!!!
  6. Thank you so much for this. It's just made my choice to buy the black Empriente so much easier.
  7. Wow! Thanks for sharing. I wanted to see the Black in the Metis. Awesome!
  8. Yeah, I really think having both in the same bag would redundant. Helps me figure out what to get in this color, Lumineuse or Montaigne GM?
  9. Wow, love them!
  10. Thank you for sharing.. :smile:
  11. Btw.. Are they start selling black empriente or only for display ? Thanks.
  12. :loveeyes:
  13. Not selling yet. Launches on the 1st
  14. Did you see the black lumi?
  15. Oh thanks for sharing. I've been wondering what it would look like. Had you not posted the infinit side by side, I probably wouldn't have known the difference.