I saw the Balenciaga "Padded" Bag!!!!!

  1. I'm not telling where (because I've been 'burned' ... sorry folks), but I saw it 'in-the-flesh' and it's SPECTACULAR!!!! It was the medium-size, Black leather ... even the back of the mirror is padded!!! Oh man ... it is just so freakin' COOL!!!!! It reminds me of my old Chanel bags, but you can still tell that it's Balenciaga ... it TOTALLY ROCKS!!

    I've decided that the is the *last* B-Bag I'm getting this year :shrugs: :lol: !!
  2. Omg, that's so cool!! Padded bag sounds so cute! :lol: Be sure to post pictures when you get it.
  3. The only problem ... it's [clearing throat] ... a *tad* expensive. The medium-size bag is $1700+; I believe that the larger-size is $1900. Guess who's going to be "cleaning out the closet"!??! :yucky:
  4. Omg... :wtf: ::fainted::
  5. O:huh::huh:...that sounds lovely!
    I've always wondered if the padded b-bags would sell well...but if they are fabulous as you say...then I guess everyone will be wanting one.It's great....do you have any pictures perhaps ?
  6. wow! i can't wait to see pics after you get it!
  7. OOOO- CeeJay!!! I wish you could tell!!! I understand though! I'd love to see it in person! Don't worry about me buyin it... I am broke!
  8. Believe it or not ... the H/B (husband) actually told me that if I found the bag in the Rouge Vif color (large-size), he would BUY it for me ... I almost dropped dead right there!!!!! I'm converting him ... hee hee hee :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. Wow sounds TDF, I can't wait to see it in person!
    Thanks for letting us know about it!
  10. I just saw the black padded bbag. It is quilted and the hardware is divine! I'm torn between the YSL muse and this BBag! argh!! decisions, decisions!!
  11. I snapped this pic of the quilted bag at SF Neimans the other day. The quilting is super puffy and soft--the back of the mirror is even quilted. I love the silver hardware too. The image quality isn't that great--it's the best I could do with my camera phone...
  12. i saw the quilted bal bag too at NM. it was not my favorite....the puffy mirror reminded me of padded cell room. i am already insane....just my opinion and thats why there is chocolate, vanilla , turq 05, magenta and bubblegum pink!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  13. I saw it today too. It was awesome! They had it at Barney's in Chicago.
  14. ceejay, your DH is awesome! does it come in rouge vif? if so, is that the color your getting? i think, it looks cool. it's like chanel and balenciaga's love child.
  15. Wow, are they going back to silver hardware - or is it just this model bag?