I saw the 07 Bags in Person today

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  1. I saw Grass Green First, Naturel Whistle bag, and I forgot what else was there since I was distracted by the new Giant hardware on the other bags. Grass green is very pretty and I really like it. Bye bye Emerald bag???

    I'm very sorry to say that I am not at all a fan, the harware is just way to big for my taste and distracts me too much to appreciate the pretty bags (See? I don't even remember the colors! LOL).

    I did see the brief, but my BF refused to bring it down to me (I'm short) in case I fall in love with it :rolleyes:.

    I noticed that a sad little white Shrug was still sitting there. It has very thick soft leather.

    By the way, this was the Neiman Marcus in SF.
  2. Thanks for the update;)
    I can't wait to see the new colours IRL
  3. NM at King of Prussia mall last night also had a lot of the new colors-- marine giant brief, giant truffle city, vermillion giant city, vert d'eau city-- smooshy!one...very pretty but the color was too light for my preference... also still had a good selection of the fall 06 colors... several styles in grass green (too bright for me! I think they were all the giant hardwares...)
  4. Liz,
    Are you saying you prefer the grass green to emerald? It is much brighter, isn't it? How does it compare to the Apple Green?
  5. I saw the first size in grass green and the color was stunning on that size~ perfect!!! I also saw a grass green day with the GH and the leather wasn't nice on that! I think this color is stunning on smaller bags IMO.
  6. I like Grass Green over Emerald, it is much brighter.

    You can't compare Grass green to Apple Green, they are completely different tone and shades. I'm not sure if that makes sense. It would be like comparing
    05 Turquoise with a Blueberry.

    I knew I should have brought out my camera and snapped a quick photo!!
  7. I also saw Grass Green on the First, I agree it's the perfect size, any more and it's just too much.
  8. What was your impression of the Natural??? Was it pretty?
  9. It looks like a nice cream color to me.
  10. Our Neiman in SF did get the new colors on Monday.

    The grass green (vert gazon) came in first with the original hardware. The vert d'eau in the city also came with the original hardware.

    The grass green (vert gazon) also comes in day, city, and a couple of other styles with the bright gold hardware. There's also the vermillion city with gold hardware.

    We also have the brief in marine, white, and grass green (vert gazon) with the gold hardware.

    P.S. I wonder if I had said hello and asked if you needed help! :P
  11. Hello. Did you get any 07 black city?
  12. Yeah we got quite a few 07 black city.
  13. Thanks for responding so quickly. I'll be in Saturday to check them out.
  14. thx for the info....too bad cuz i really wanna get insights on the brief.... :smile:
  15. Love the vert gazon :graucho: