I saw something disturbing at Sinsa area today

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  1. I just completed my face lift and revision alarplasty surgerit's one week ago and because the doctor told me it's better that I stay in Seoul for at least 14 days after surgery, I extended my trip. Fortunately, I recovered extremely fast, much to the Doctors surprise and I spend everyday eating, shopping and exploring the streets of Seoul.

    Well, yesterday after a review at my clinic, I was walking along Sinsa and I saw this lady holding a huge banner and some China ladies were surrounding her reading the contents and looking at the pictures on the banner. Out of curiosity I went closer to take a look too...

    The banner was about how this lady had 9 surgeries at this particular clinic (she was actually standing directly outside the clinic) and all 9 surgeries failed. She had her before and after pictures in the banner and apparently she had multiple surgeries on her eyes and her eyes after the surgery were bulging out. She also made indications on other parts of her face where the surgeries went wrong. She mentioned that she has attempted suicide a few times and even had a picture of her slashed wrist on the banner. And it was mentioned that her nerves were also permanently damaged from a surgery at her mouth.

    She was covered in big sunglasses and mask so it was not possible to see her face in real life but I asked if I could take pictures of the contents of the banner and she gently nodded. I also asked which hospital made her like this and she pointed straight and I asked if its 'xxx hospital?' She nodded again.

    I feel pretty disturbed after what I saw and thought I should share it here, if you want to see the pictures that I took and which hospital this is, pm me.
  2. Can you send me that picture please? I want see
  3. Can you please pm me too with the pictures. I am heading back to Seoul on Sunday.
  4. Me too please!!! Thank you
  5. I second this! Thank you!
  6. Could you please PM me the pics and name of the hospital too? Nervous because I've booked my surgery at a clinic in Sinsa...
  7. Can you PM me as well? Thanks for letting us know
  8. What clinic are you going to?
  9. Can you pm me too? Thanks
  10. I want to know. pls pm me. thanks
  11. PM me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Does the clinic name begin with "G"?
  13. PM me please!!
  14. Which one you mean?
  15. maybe u can post the pic here? thanks
    it might help someone in selecting the right clinic.