I saw someone with a Prada today... now I can't find it online...


Feb 15, 2006
Hey all, today while I was out and about I saw a woman with a smaller sized Prada (maybe 10" in length, 5" high, 4" deep?). It was a little darker than a celery green color and it was the type of handbag with the clip top or it was "framed" as Coach calls it. It was kind of rectangular in size with the upper corners angled in and a single strap on the top. It appeared to be made out of a textured leather. If I'm doing a half way decent job describing this... could anyone help me out? I've been searching online with no luck. It just caught my eye and I'm curious now... Thanks!! :biggrin:
Is it the one style in this pic... the one by the model's right arm? Not that I could tell you wear to find it but I do believe it's on '06 bag.


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It was a bit smaller than that one (not quite as high) and it was all a textured leather. I'm guessing it might be a year... two.. or three old. I just thought it was cute and now I'm wanting one! Lol. Thanks so much though :biggrin: