I saw someone stole a bag today

  1. I need to share my experience today in Selfridges,London sale.

    I went to the sale today. It's the first day so it's overcrowded. I was qeuing for Prada boutique and when I got inside I saw 2 women (sorry that I didn't want to mention the nationality) inside the boutique. At first I looked at them because they are pretty with nice bags but something surprised me as I thought both of them try to steal a Bag. they know I looked at them questioning and I think they may not really try to steal any bags. Anyway, when I was in qeue to pay for a Prada bag one of the two women folded her big scarf around a small bag (which cost around 600 GBP sth.) and then put inside their selfridges's shopping bag. I forget to mention that both of them queing before me and try to pretend they will pay for the bags they were holding in their hands. After that women put the small bag which folded with scarf in their shopping bag, they put the other bags down and walked away. I hate people like this so I told the security to check but he ignored and gave reason that they couldn't take the bag out of the store as the alarm will rang. Anyway, I couldn't find any tags in their sale bags at all including mine. :confused1:

    When am home I think of what had happened and just wonder they should do like this a lot of time before during the sale. Those two girls are very good looking and I couldn't believe they steal a bag. :shame:

    If I have no money, I wouldn't try to steal. I couldn't understand what they thought in their mind. :shrugs:

    What do you think?

    PS: Sorry for my broken English
  2. Did they look like they had money? Maybe they were kleptomaniacs?

    There is a wealthy woman where I live who steals stuff, even pottery from an art gallery.

    Sometimes I wonder if many of the bags on eBay are stolen.
  3. :yes::yes: They are both good looking and also can speak multi-languages (as I was qeuing after them so I could hear what they were talking with some different languages).
  4. Good looking, well dressed people steal. Multilingual people steal. Even rich people steal, famous people steal and I doubt it has anything to do with nationality.
  5. it's possible that they only did if for the "rush" - or getting something out of nothing... people are weird - or maybe sick... (eg winona ryder)
  6. People who steal want to blend in. Dress like they have money ... they probably stole everything they had on. This is a good lesson to keep in mind when teaching children to stay away from "strangers" or for yourself when determining who might be a potential threat.

    People who are really out to do harm dress the part of "normal". Ted Bundy (a big serial killer in the 1970's) used to wear polo shirts and Khaki pants.

    You did what you could, you told the guard. You don't want to confront them yourself. I would have done the same thing.
  7. Theft happens all the time and more often than many think. When I worked retail, I remember being told by my manager that something like 60% of customers would steal if they had the chance. Or something like that. My memory is kinda fuzzy today. But the point is, A LOT of theft happens on a daily basis in stores.
    I wouldn't ponder too much about it though. Those two will get what's coming to them eventually. They are just lucky for now, but sooner or later, they are going to get caught.
  8. Vicky, I saw something similar happen. I saw this person steal a pair of earrings. It wasn't an expensive store, none of the earrings were made of real gold or diamonds but I was really shocked at how easily a person could steal. :wtf: I thought an alarm would at least go off or something. No one had seen this person but me, and I thought that the minute anyone would try to steal anything someone would catch them. I mean, you would think she would have been caught on camera and a security guard would have chased her down, but no, nothing happened!!! And it wasn't as if I just thought this person had stolen a pair of earrings, I watched her steal them. But at least they weren't expensive, they were probably only worth five dollars at the most.
  9. You did the right thing by telling the security guard, and it is a shame he was too lazy to check. There are ways that thieves get by security alarms. I saw a television special in which thieves used all kinds of tricks.
  10. Just because you look rich doesn't mean you will steal. There are a lot of reasons people steal. You will never guess the type who steal. I know I used to work in retail a long time ago and some of the people I have seen stealing I would never have guessed. One time during the holiday season I helped this cute friendly looking grandma and later I witnessed her stealing a bunch of clothes and jewelry!! She was in the dressing room removing all the tags and I was standing there watching in shock!

    There are a lot of professionals! I used to work in the designer section this was the most popular scam. Lots of women of all ages grab a bunch of designer jeans like sevens and etc. and they go to try them on and they do it when its busy and they walk right out wearing them and leaving their old jeans in the dressing room I wonder how they get the ink sensors off so fast!!

    Anyways, everyone tries to pull off looking rich nowadays so you can't really judge anyone by that plus wouldn't that be the perfect disguise? Who's going to suspect the rich looking person.
  11. How true! At least you tried to stop it by telling the security guard. There's not much else you could have done. It's appalling what people will do nowadays and still get away with!
  12. My daughter is a Manager in a large store and although they have burly security guards they have been told NOT to confront anyone because one of their security guards was stabbed to death last year trying to arrest a shoplifter. Unfortunately a sad sign of the times here in the UK - a life is worth so much more than a stolen item - that is another reason why goods are so much more expensive.
  13. i had the chance to steal something once about 3 years ago, it was this tiny keychain and it was only like £2.50. but i coudln't bring myself to do that so i paid for it. so many people steal (my sister used to do it...she said she earned it?) but i just don't get it
  14. I think that is pathetic....!! What losers....
    tonij2000 i agree completely...
  15. You did the right thing by letting the guard know.