I saw someone else carrying a Silverado today

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  1. That almost never happens. I almost never see anyone carrying a Chloe around where I live, let alone a Silverado. She was carrying the black one. It looked so cool! I am breaking mine out more!! You forget how great a bag looks until you see someone else carrying it. Either that or I need to look at myself in the mirror more. I love how Chloe leather looks in person!
  2. that's really cool! I have yet to see anyone IRL with a silverado! Was it a silverado tote or a regular satchel?
  3. Hi! It was the satchel. Itw as black and looked awesome. We both happened to be in Saks so I shouldn't have been surprised, but even in Saks it's the first one I've actually seen on someone!
  4. I love silverados! :heart: I think they are so elegant in their own casual, funky way. And I love that not everyone and her sister is carrying one these days. I actually own a few, and I recently just got another one... a large chocolate brown dr. bag from a consignment shop and I LOVE it. It's all worn in and squishy in a way that most of my other bags aren't because I have too many to ever get them that broken in. :p