I saw someone buy...

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  1. This past weekend at the holts in edmonton, I saw this lady with this huge lv shopping bag! It was amazing! Anywhoo, I got the scoop from one of the sales associates and apparently she bought a suhali lockit, a monogram carryall, a roxbury drive, and some other small items! Man I wish I was related to her!

    Anyone else have a similar experience?
  2. All in one bag? :confused1:
  3. ^ most of the items were in one bag and she had another medium sized bag
  4. :roflmfao: That'll be the biggest shopping bag I've ever seen. I can imagine seeing Michelle with a few LV shopping bags:P
  5. I see.

    Yah, my SA was helping another one of her VIC's and she walked out of the store with several huge bags.
  6. Hahaha. I have bought several items at one time, but usually my DH carries the shopping bags for me. He is such a gentleman. LOL. :smile:
  7. When I went to LV to buy my Epi Speedy, they only had a HUGE box (I'm talking like Saleya GM size!!)

    They put it in the HUGEST shopping bag I have EVER seen! In fact, it BARELY fit in the backseat of my car!!!

    Heehee I wish it was filled with more LV, though!!
  8. I saw a bag like that behind the counter when I was in LV lasttime. It had at least 6 items in it! It was huge!
  9. About 4 weeks ago, I saw a lady and her husband sitting on the couch as the SA was showing them women's RTW. 15 mins later, they're walking out with 2 big bags... 1 containing 2 RTW pieces, and a big box, which I'm supposing she purchased a handbag as well. She was wearing a brown mink scarf and a white MC Alma... I nearly died when I saw all of that LV.... :drool:
  10. Imagine a bag like that under your tree!!! Woo hoo, just the thought of it!!!
  11. i went on a spree 6 months ago in Manhattan with my mom, but we each had two big bags instead of one massive one :lol:
  12. well...I did see this one lady walking ( kinda felt bad for her because she had so much god-dammed stuff it was hard to even walk) she had a HUGE Louis Vuitton bag, 2 Huge Dior bags, and another one...maybe Hermes or Fendi, but whatever it was it wasn't helping hers speed..:lol:
  13. i guess it's true when they say... "the bigger the bag the better!"
  14. MMmmmmm, all the LV's!:drool: :drool: Lucky woman. It makes me sooo envious when I see people buying two, three or more LV bags at a time.:hysteric:
  15. the most interesting scene i've witnessed was when i was waiting for a friend near the lv boutique and this group of men (four of them, all huge) dressed in black suits and shades coming out from the store, each carrying huge lv paperbags. i figured they were the bodyguards of some hotshot. too bad i didn't see who the hotshot was.