I saw some people carrying her bag in Chicago. Do you like it?

  1. :nuts: I saw some people carrying Anna Corinna's bags in Chicago.
    I like its soft leather and high quality and I think it's a great bag with a reasonable price. The following pics are Anna Corinna's bags.:heart:
    12873.l.jpg 14087.l.jpg
  2. I absolutely love the second bag...the duffel bag. I have been looking at them and have been keeping that in mind in a shade of gray.
  3. I live in Chicago and have seen them at Barney's. I like them.

  4. I saw a very similar bag by Betsy Johnson. It was very lightweight, soft and comfortable.
  5. Does anybody else think that the bottom bag in the first picture looks like a chicken ready for roasting? The shape is a little odd to me. I really :heart: the top bag in the first pic, though!
  6. Honestly, no! Reminds me of something Jessica S. would wear.

    ..not my cup of tea
  7. They're okay.....they remind me of balenciaga....
  8. I like them! Anthropologie.com has the duffle in pearl white and the City Tote in caramel on sale! I think I'm going to get the City Tote cuz the price is pretty good! I'll have to wrap it up for Christmas though.... I'm not supposed to be buying splurge bags right now! :graucho: