I saw some new colors!

  1. Ok sorry I havent posted about this sooner but I ended my semester and have been living up the "free" life:p..So on friday I went to CL horatio st in NYC and saw some very interesting things, the new blues are very pretty one was a greyish blue patent and the other was a peacock blue patent which was gorgeous, so much so that I got the Very prive's in the color!! I love it...Also I know some of you were searching for the yellow simples, well they had them on the floor:tup: . I think I may go back this afternoon:sweatdrop:...just an FYI for you ladies
  2. thanks for posting!!!the yellow simples sound yummy:smile:
  3. LO were the simples in Patent or kid leather? Bright sun shine yellow!? Thanks for the info!
  4. I believe they may have been kid, but I am not sure I observed them from afar.....They were definetly BRIGHT sunshine yellow!! They were cute!! I didnt get a GREAT view because I parked my car illegally and one SA watched my car while the other helped me, lol, they are sooo sweet there.
  5. Wow those sound so tempting... I almost want to go for them but I will be in NYC in less than 2 weeks and don't want to blow all my shopping$$ quite yet! Do you have a good SA there that maybe emails? I guess if I could get pics I might be less hesitant and just buy it now!
  6. we need photos of what you saw and what you got!!! ;)

  7. I didnt take any pics in the store...but here are pics of what i got :yahoo:..I may stop by there today bc Ill be around there


    Very Prive triplets!!! well I got the nudes for CLBH...but the black and peacock I got at horatio st
  8. Those are the 70 heel, correct??:tup:
  9. CORRECT cjy!!! they are a great height!! Barely feel like im wearing heels! except the peep toe hurts my big toe, is there anything i can do about that?
  10. I think it just takes time. Some of my peeps were more comfy then others. I always seem to adjust. Love the shade of peacock blue:tup:
  11. Wow, those peacock colored ones are TDF! Soo gorgeous!
  12. Gorgeous! And I do love the height of those shoes.

    Love the three colors you bought! And it's funny how the SA watched your car ;D That's great customer service!
  13. *Lo, those triplet VPs are so pretty!!
  14. I love the triplets especially the blue pair. Thanks for sharing and enjoy!
  15. Hmm if you go back let me know if they are patent yellow simples if they are I am ALL over them... I am sooo on a patent kick!