I saw some cute new stuff

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  1. At LV yesterday, I can't think of the names to save my life though.....one was a cles that had a flap with two little snap closures like the accordian wallet, and the other was a change purse with a zip top and a front little bowed out snap pocket, super cute, I saw both in Mono Canvas and the second item I also saw in black epi on display.....They were both around $220....
  2. Porte-Monnaie Shilling and Multicles Rabat ... by chance?! :confused1:
  3. maybe, kinda ringing a bell.......sorry, I was @ an LV store that I HATE because of most of the SA's that work there so I didn't take the time to write down the names like I usually do.......The SA was very FAKE/nice which is just annoying to me....it's the one in Paramus NJ Garden State Plaza Mall......I've never had a great experience there, therefore have never made any of my purchases there......
  4. That's the Multicles, it's on Elux:
    Multicles Rabat.jpg
  5. yeah, that's the one, I couldn't find it on elux......anyway, it's cute, it has the key chain attached.....
  6. i've seen them too very cute my fav is the shilling
  7. I haven't seen that yet. Is it new on eLux?
  8. darn.they don't have it in damier :cursing::cursing::cursing:
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