I saw so many FAKES today!!!

  1. I was walking through the theater district today and there were three guys selling fake bags. They had mostly LV and Coach. The Coach bags were the worst. Patchwork patterns that don't exist and the most horrible looking fake signature you have ever seen. I was so mad...
  2. I went to Disneyland today and it was Fake Coach galore. Fakes make me sick.
  3. i feel you on that! so many people carry fakes it's disgusting!
  4. ugh i know what you mean. i was in coach today and there was this group of ppl in there with fake coach bags. an SA was helping them and they were askng like bracelet and shoe and I could tell the lady was annoyed by them. They left without buying anything after spending soo much time with the SA.
  5. I would be so embarrassed to go into COACH with a fake bag. I guess it doesn't bother some people because I swear in the past month the amount of fakes I see has like tripled. It's really ridiculous!
  6. I saw a lot today in my store new york and company and it sucks.....