I saw RICK SPRINGFIELD last night!

  1. My DH was nice enough to take me to a concert (and actually admitted it was "entertaining"!) Rick puts on a great show and seems like a real nice guy. The man may have aged a bit, but he's still got it! :love:
    rick.jpg rick2.jpg
  2. I hope you have a great time...I :heart: his music. And he looks pretty fine for his age.
  3. ^^ I did have a great time, Pursefan... thanks for responding! ;)
  4. LOL, that's so awesome. When I go out to a bar that has a live band, I always ask them to play Jesse's girl! Sounds like you had a fun time!
  5. How fun! I love Rick Springfield. He seems like he'd put on a great show...
  6. I saw him in the early 80's when he was hot...sat in the third row or something real close...right in the center. I saw the rip in his jeans placed directly near the crotch. Hee hee. He was HOT then and a super performer. His concert was great, so I am sure yours was even more amazing with all his years of experience since then. Glad you enjoyed!
  7. ^ He's still hot, Kellybag ;) Funny thing is, when I was watching him on GH (the first time, when I was 12 or so) I had NO idea he was almost old enough to be my DAD!! lol...
  8. Redd, I just think he is one of those men who just have the "it" factor and when you do I don't think you ever lose it. It is his little gift!
  9. Yep, Kellybag- he's got "it" alright... :graucho: Here's a pic I took with my phone last night. Not the greatest, but...
  10. Ohh...it looks like so much fun...I've never been to a "rock n roll" concert before. The one & only concert I've ever been to was awhile ago & it was Nsync. LOL!
  11. I saw him on Regis & Kelly the other day. He's definitely still got it! Glad you had fun!:yes:
  12. he is going to be playing at the Sacramento State fair on Aug 29th. i think I might go. I missed him in July at the Marin Fair.
    Thanks for letting me know he still "rocks":rochard:
  13. worked with him once. he is still a cutie pie!
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