I saw new things!

  1. I was at LV yesterday and I saw some new things. Nothing really caught my eye except for a new colour for the sweet monogram fashion jewellry line. I think it was red, gold and turquise, im not quite sure. Might not have been new but i haven't seen it before. I also saw the belleve gm and pm, i thought it was too wide at the bottom. I also saw A LOT of purple things, purple scarves mostly.

    And my favourite purple was none other than violette pochette cles. pics to come soon!
    My DBF got it for me for my birthday, i was on waitlist for it and got the call early friday but didn't have time to get it till yesterday.

    I also got a black shirley as well that i'm waiting for. This was my brithday present to myself. Although i think i have said that about my last few purchases.

    The weirdest thing is, I got another call from LV today. Looks like they reserved another violette pochette cles for me... hmm should i get it and sell on eBay? or should i say i don't want it anymore? or does anybody here want one for the ones living in vancouver?
  2. Dang it! I live in BC but I'm far from Vancouver or I would go pick it up! Congrats on the purchases!
  3. Congrats, I am eyeing the Pomme Cles myself! :p
  4. congrats!!!
  5. Congrats
  6. Sounds great!
    Here are the new Sweet Mono pieces. :yes:
  7. Oh I might be interested in getting the new Sweet Bracelet, I'll visit the boutique once the Miroir items arrive. I like the color combination better than the old one.

    meeeks any sign of the shiny cosmetic case and heart yet? ;D
  8. Congrats!!
  9. Ooo i'm lovin those colors.. Very nice. Thank for posting those.

  10. Congrats on the new LV stuff, cannot wait to see pics! I adore the Shirley and was sad that it was discontinued before I got one!
  11. Congrats on the new cles. I'm sure you'll ove it even more when you start using it.
  12. Did you get the call from Holt Renfrew? I was there this morning looking at the new cles in pomme and violete, both of them I waitlisted. Bought the one in pomme instead of the violette, which I think is very nice too.
    I saw the SA put the violette cle in a drawer behind her instead of taking it back to the 'back room'.
  13. Congrats..The bracelet looks so tempting.
  14. I don't think you should buy one and try to resell it... what if you don't get what you wanted for it?

    Congrats on getting a Cles btw. Can't wait to see pics!
  15. pinkcaviar - not that i know of, the sa did accidentally bring out miroir hearts that she thought was mine so im sure they got those in.

    djlv - my call was from hotel vancouver. i'm sure you'll get your call soon. the sa said they are sold out for pretty much all their violette items.