I saw new bags....I saw new bags....

  1. Yes, I'm weak-I broke down and went back to SCP last nite. I had to see the new bags for myself. Now this is only my personal opinion but....
    1. Dentelle Line-saw the Speedy (Silver), Kirsten (Gold), Forsen (Silver), and wallet (Gold). LOVE IT except for the Forsen. Forget a mini-Chihuahua with the Forsen, you could carry a German Shepard!! (It is HUGE!)
    2. Cloud Bags-Beautiful, but the bags with the least Ivory plastic chain or closures are best. There doesn't seem to be much difference in the Beige or Ecru colors. The best one had a quilted handle. I think it was Nimbus??
    3. Polka Dots-Way cuter in the look book. Actual bag was not attractive and very blah to me. The actual dots have rivets and LV all over them...like a huge button. And let me tell you how I feel about buttons..........
    4. Les Estroidineres-or "crazy button explosion on a bag for thousands." There aren't words.....I did not care for this line at all.
    5. Patchwork Denim-better looking in person but didn't scream BUY ME.
    6. LVOE tote-Purple silk. Egad-Ghetto-Fab. Eggplant purple with sequins....I don't even think Kate Moss could rock this bag with her heroin chic.
    7. Fabric Bead Necklace-HUGE-reminded me of "olden days" Christmas ornaments covered in pretty floral fabric.
    8. Mini-Lin Diaper bag-They only had the brown but it was super cool. If I ever get preggo, this bag is a must!! The Pink & Blue are limited runs.
    9. Pomme D'amour inclusion jewelry-VERY, VERY pretty!!

    Of course they still had no Valentine's stuff out...
    That new Pomme D'amour color is so awesome and gorgeous, I just want to buy all the pieces and roll around in them!!!

    P.S. Finally I was helped by a nice SA named Peggy.
  2. YES!!! That's what it reminds me of!! :lol:

    Were the East/West bags [known as flea marker bags by many] there? They are effing amazing IRL. :nuts:
  3. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Thank you for sharing!!
  4. Ugh..see what I mean?
    Nothing grabbed me at ALL this time around :yucky:
    And also, I'm glad someone else didn't like the LVOE like I didn't lol.
  5. I was at SCP at abouuut 1 o clock yesterday and they had no new bags out! what the heck..I thought the trunk show was from 10am to 6pm.
  6. I wonder if I'm even going to SEE the button explosion bag here in the NW - bet not. Looks crazy.
  7. Lovely.
  8. I was there about 7:30pm last nite but the trunk show info was on their front window stating 10am-6pm. All the new stuff was in the back part of the store by the shoe/scarf section.
  9. Well that explains it, I stayed mostly in the front. I knew I should have went back there.
  10. Thanks for sharing the information.
    Which color is prettier for the Nimburs, the Beige or the Ecru?
  11. I personally liked the beige. And the leather is sooooo soft!!!!

  12. I see. I like the beige too. Does it have pinkish tint?
  13. No, the lighter Ecru bag had that odd tint. But maybe it was the lighting??
  14. oh, my poor dentelle. im glad no one likes it. for once, i will be at the top of the waitlist.
  15. Thanks for the report!