I saw my next bag today...

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  1. Mom and I were at the mall and after watching Steve Wozniak at the Apple store during the unveiling of the iPhone, we sauntered over to LV where it was EMPTY. Our SA was there and says to me, "Kris, I have new things to show you!" Out came the bags..Mirior Lockit in silver (GORGEOUS in person)...Epi Lockit in ivory (also beautiful)...and my new love...the Rosewood in Amarante. Then she brought it out in Pomme. OMG. Heavenly. Love this bag so much, and the price was VERY reasonable! I'm saving now...I'm working on paying off my credit cards so this red beauty can be MINE!
  2. Good luck getting it! It's a lovely bag! :yes:
  3. Can you tell me what it looks like in real life? Is it bigger than a Roxbury? I am beg. to think I shoulda waited for it in Amarante instead of the Reade.

    Thanks! BTW, was it nuts at Apple?
  4. Cool! Whats the inside like? Will it hold much? *Considering one in Amarante*
  5. Yes, it's bigger than a Roxbury, a bit taller and wider at the bottom, it zips open to reveal the inside, straps buckle onto the bag, and there is a very slim pocket on one side of the bag. The zipper snaps on the closed end to the bag itself. You could definitely fit a zippy wallet, cell-phone, mini-pochette, cles and compact in there and still have some room to spare. The straps are wider like the straps on a BH and fit comfortably on the shoulder. My Mom thought it was very similiar in shape to the Popincourt just a bit taller and wider.

    And Apple was nuts, but not as bad as I thought. It was pretty organized, the line was roped off and people had numbered lanyards. The line coiled towards the back and Nordtrom's. We were watching the frenzy from the second level as the countdown started as the curtain dropped and the doors opened. Steve was at the front of the line. LOL. He spent some time posing for pics and signing autographs.
  6. Was it bulky under the arm and will it hold a water bottle? TIA! :smile: Also, whens the release date?
  7. Cool! Did you meet Woz??
  8. Thanks for the 411! I am kicking myself for not waiting. That's a good price for Vernis with a zipper!
  9. Pics! I have no idea what this thingy is, but would love to see!

    (I'd also love an iPhone.. I've been waiting forever for an Apple-compatible phone!)
  10. No I didn't get to fit Woz...my Mom wanted no part of that crowd. LOL. While she has a Shuffle, that is about as high-tech as she gets! LOL.

    It wasn't bulky under the arm, and I think you could fit a water bottle in there if you maneuvered things around enough.

    I'm not sure when it's launching...next week I think...and it was $870
  11. I'll probably be at LV on Wednesday. *Hopes it will be there*
  12. The rosewood is gorgeous..............
  13. I just love your title. I see my next bag everyday too!!! HAHA. And than my list gets too long that I forget which one is next!!! But the Amaranted Summit Drive is in there somewhere. I love the Pomme too, so great choice.