I saw my first real life fake!

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  1. A huge coincidence in that it was a copy of my only Bbag so far (a Vert D'eau first), which is what drew my eye to it.
    It was a woman 2 people ahead of us in the queue at Asda and she had it propped in the child seat of her trolley for the world to see :graucho:
    So my fella and I then spent the next 10 minutes playing "spot the differences" and I think he has a better eye than me! lol

    The lacing on the handles was the wrong colour, the fabric of the zip on the front pocket was a different colour to the bag, the end of the main zip was sticking out the end of the bag and the leather was the smoothest ever, not one hint of a line
  2. The fake b-bags are running rampant in NYC. I visited a few months ago and I couldn't believe all of the bad, shiny, hard looking fake b-bags out there. It was almost as bad as the fake Gucci's and LV's in Chicago. At one time I didn't care if people carried fakes. I thought if they wanted to carry an obvious fake, let them. But then I got annoyed when someone asked me where I got my Gucci bag and I told her I got it in Italy 2 years previous...which I did...and she looked at me like I was nuts. Then a few weeks later I realized the same fake bag was being sold in Chicago. I spent good money on a purse to have it being questioned as fake!!! So no I don't appreciate the fakes.:tdown:
  3. eep! how was the colour on her fake bag? was it close to the real Vert d'eau? :tdown:
  4. Yuck! I never see anyone carrying real bbags around me, so imagine my dismay when I saw two students on the same day carrying fake ones here (I teach at a career school)! I didn't even own my bbag yet, but between the horrible pleather, the bales and hardware being all wrong and the overall cheap look, they were easy to spot as fakes. I was so disappointed since I never get to see any fellow bbag lovers here!
  5. It could have been a seafoam, turq '04, or pistachio, though ... except for the zipper sticking out.
  6. We don't have many intentional fake Bbags in Australia. We have loads of fake LV and Coach - ewww! There are a number of popular fashion stores carrying look-alike Bbags with extra long whip stitched handles, rivets & tassels but they don't look exactly the same. I guess everyone around here would think my bags are fake. I love them anyway!
  7. ^^
    That's the thing! Apparently she "didn't look like someone who'd carry a real bag like that anyway" (according to my BF)

    So I said, "well do I?"

    I swear he LOOKED ME UP AND DOWN and said "hmm no I suppose not!" :roflmfao: