I saw my first FAKE Legacy Shoulder Bag!!!

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  1. Geez! I didn't know the scammers had faked this one already. I was having lunch with co-workers yesterday and this woman had her "Goach" sitting on the table with one of the front flaps open displaying "Legacy stripe fabric.":cursing:

    It was like she had it proudly on display. Black "signature" Gs all over it.

    I wanted to torch it!
  2. The fake Legacy bags came out quickly and I think they were already on eBay last fall.
  3. ewwww =[
  4. Ahhhhhhhhhh. The goaches are terrible.
  5. YUCK!

    I saw in a store a fake version of my legacy shoulder bag. I opened it up and it didn't even have striped fabric! It was a horrid fake, made me want to :throwup:
  6. "GOACH"!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!! :roflmfao:
  7. Eww!!

    I saw a goach the other day at the mall. It was a Carly, in the camel optic print, with g's allover. I was like :wtf: ...I tried hard not to laugh too, it looked so ridiculous lol. I also saw a girl wearing a fake black Legacy sig shoulder bag. It looked real from a distance, but when I saw it up close, I spotted the unusual metal Coach tags. It was worn with a pair of fake Chanel Shades too!! :yucky:
  8. Some real Coach bags have the metal tags:smile: I bought a pleated hobo from the boutique and it came with one.

    But yeah I see those "Goaches" (I hate even typing and saying the word) everywhere! It's so tacky.
  9. I got my legacy shoulder bag in whiskey today for my b-day and it had a brass tag and a leather tag (got it from macys).
  10. I actually went to the mall office to request that the kiosk selling illegal fakes be removed. The GM said that it was only illegal if they represented them as real. I told him that if the bags used the Coach name (they do, and have the "creed" on them), it is copyright infringement and it is illegal.

    She said she would "look into it". I thanked her and told her that I was sure Coach or law enforcement might be able to if she could not. That might not be true, but it disgusts me to walk by that kiosk. Many places in other malls have the almost bags or the Goach bags. I wouldn't report those. They're yucky but not blatantly illegal. Thes bags were copies bearing the Coach name.
  11. True. I spotted that fake about 3 or 4 months ago. It was the Legacy signature shoulder from the previous line. It just looked really odd to me because I was looking at the same exact bag at Coach a few minutes earlier!! :smile:
  12. Yesterday, I was carrying my signature stripe tote (in brown) at the mall, and this lady had the same purse, but a knockoff. and it was just so obvious... Not necessarily the print, but the material looked like cardboard and the color... blech..

    This has actually happened a couple of times now. Where im carrying a purse and I see someone with the same one as mine, but a knockoff.. Now, I just wonder if they notice and how they feel if they do.
  13. uGHHH ..... another thing, i was at claire's trying to find some small goodies for a younger sister yesterday, and THEY carry knockoff coach purses now too.. and theyre just sooooo soooo sooo ugly. =/
  14. Oh no, sorry about the Goach sightings!!! Yuck.
  15. Before I got into buying the real thing, I used to think about buying the goaches because they were so cheap. I was in Chinatown in San Francisco with my mom and they had a bunch of fake LV and Coach, but they were just so hideous that I couldn't bring myself to buy one. The print is just nasty looking. And of course I wouldn't buy a fake now even if it looked the same, but back then I didn't know any better and I still couldn't bring myself to carry one.