I saw Medium Chocolate Carly in action today but...

  1. I was at the aquarium today and I saw medium chocolate Carly in action today. I was sure that it was real. I was sharing the bench with the woman and her son who was my son's age and when I said "I love your chocolate Carly bag" she hesitated like she didn't know that was what this bag is called. Is it possible that some people just go into Coach and say "I want this one" and then go to the register and buy it ? ok 2 part question

    I am now leaning toward this color chocolate but in large, please tell me why i should get this one and not the khahi/ebony like I have wanted for so long, thanks
  2. Oh yes, I know for a fact people just go to Coach or a Coach dealer of some sort and say "I like that one" w/o knowing the name, style, correct color...I was wearing my Lg. sig. Choco carly and a girl that worked at the video store I was in said she liked my bag and she was getting one for christmas from her parents. I said, "oh I love the carly" she just kinda went "....er yeah. I asked her where she was got it and she said her parents bought it at Macy*s in King of Prussia, PA...so I know it was gonna be real, she just didn't know what it was called.
  3. I think so as well! I have a friend at work who loves Coach but has no clue about the names! Whenever we talk about it, she looks at me like WTH, LOL
  4. I'm debating between the chocolate and khaki/ebony one as well. I like the Slim Carly but it doesn't come in my first choice of chocolate.

    I'm so indecisive right now, but if I were you I would get the chocolate. It's so rich looking!
  5. Yes that totally happens, and I can't tell you how many times I go into a Coach store or Outlet and name off a bag and the SA's don't have a clue what bag I am talking about. :rolleyes: As far as the chocolate or khaki/ebony both are beautiful and you can't go wrong.. I am a sucker for the chocolate but I have a khaki/ebony and absolutely LOVE it :love: It goes with EVERYTHING and I don't have to worry about the brown bag black bag thing. Good Luck!!! :tup:
  6. I personally love the khaki/ebony. I like the chocolate too but it looks like too much brown. I like how the khaki is different from the ebony. It give it some personality. On the other hand the chocolate is elegant and classy and the khaki seems more laid back to me. I dunno!
  7. Thanks for your opinions, this is my bag dillema right now. I need a brown bag, or something that will at least go with just brown.i Dont even wear much brown but when I do, I don't like mixing black with browns (except in one bag like the khaki/ebony) Maybe if either of these colors are deleted then I can wait until they go to outlet if that ever happens. I have never seen the chocolate Carly faked either and I know that doesn't matter to some people but I have a thing about it. Thanks
  8. I saw a med. Choco Carly @ Costco yesterday... and it was actually real!!!! lol
  9. I love my chocolate carly! I think it pretty much goes with everything!!! :tup:
  10. I'm not a Carly fan but I do like the chocolate Carly better. I just like brown sig. Its more subdued. Its not screaming "COACH!" from across the room yet you can still see the C's....classy.
  11. That reminds me. When I was at the outlet and had the natural Ali and whiskey slim flap in my hands trying to decide between them and talking with the SA, two ladies came up and wanted to know if they had "that bag" pointing to my choc Carly. The SA chuckled and said "no." They looked so disappointed.
  12. totally. most people jsut no it is coach. my sis doesnt even know the names of her bags unless i tell her
  13. A co worker of my hubby buys coach all of the time but hasnt a clue on the names. I think its actually kind of cute when she is explaining her new purchase and I throw the name out at her and shes like:wtf:they have names?? :lol:
  14. I can relate to that.. before joining TPF, I have no clue about the name of each bag:shame:
  15. Yes, I have complimented people on their Cary's or Legacy's and they were like WTF? Funny, they spend good $ on their bags but don't really know that much about them!