I saw marine 08 at balenciaga yesterday

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  1. its the most gorgeous colour i had my heart set on anthracite first now i have to decide marine first or anthracite first .what do you guys think?
  2. As soon as I see it IRL too I can tell you!!!
    I'm happy that people like it IRL, I hope to like it too!!!
  3. Will this be your only bbag for now? If so, I say go for Marine!:tup: I've seen it IRL and it so so pretty!!
  4. richienickel - how was it is it a dark navy blue? im hoping for something really dark blue like marine 07
  5. yeh this is my first bbag i have an gh money wallet already .
    i want them to look good together the leather on marine is all shiny and veiny like i like it aswell.
    its such a hard decision.
  6. its a gorgeous dark blue almost blueberry colour.very vibrant but still dark.
  7. ^^ exactly! That's what I thought too when I saw it! Very pretty indeed!
  8. thank you for the feedback richie i cant wait to see it :yes:
  9. I want to see pics! :biggrin:
    This colour sounds gorgeous!
  10. It does sound pretty. I have not seen IRL yet.
  11. I saw it yesterday as well for the first time and it really is lovely. Very dark blue and beautiful and extremely "wearable."
  12. My vote is for Marine, such a deep rich yet understated tone
  13. ahhh. why did i read this, i had talked myself out of wanting it.
    I'll wait & hope I can find it IRL next weekend.
  14. If marine is the way you describe it, go for the marine! I can't wait to see pics of this color!
  15. Okay, someone seriously needs to take one for the team and buy a marine bag! Then they need to post a crazy number of detailed photos! I've seen May22's photos (as well as the Spy pics posted in the shopping thread), and they were good enough to make me want to see even more! It's hard to tell what my monitor does to the color unless I see multiple shots from multiple peoples.