I saw Lindsey Lohan at Barneys Beverly's Hills shopping for CLs today!!!


MPH=Miu Prada Hermes
Jul 27, 2007
I briefly visited Barneys today for Sales shoes. Like everyone else, I was treasuring hunting at the at the sales rack corner and slowly walked towards the non-sale CL section. I notice there was 3 young ladies sitting at the non-sale CLs section and one of them was trying on some CLs. So I over heard "OH I like them both, what should I do?" A male SA replied very politely "I think you should pick one of each color"........ The other male SAs had some faces going on too and I was wondering why?? I look toward the lady and it was Lindsey!!! She replied " I think I like them both!!"...... She hardly had any make up on and she looked super skinny with a simple T and jeans!!! When I walk out of the store I saw a bunch of paparazzi waiting outside of barney's waiting to get a shot of her!

I am not familiar with the style but they were open toe studded high heels (120-140 mms)with straps with a studded bow in the front. She was getting both nude/cream and black color!!! I believe they are from the FW 2011 collection.

Here is a pic I found on the CL website:


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