I saw Jill in the Supermarket....

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  1. Ok, maybe it wasn't her.. But I could swear I saw her... I even saw her leave in a BMW.....:wtf:

    I currently work as a personal shopper, so this is the second time I've seen Jill (maybe).....

    I just wanted to go up to her and be like "Is your name Jill, do you know the PF." LOL

    So Jill if you went to a supermarket today in Jersey (shoprite)... I think I saw you... LOL:P
  2. :ninja:
  3. LMAO...sorry..wasnt me!
    I spent the whole night in the ER with TAY,who had BAD asthma attack during ballet.....sigh...Wish I had time to get to Shoprite!!LOL!which Shoprite?I do shop at one alot normally but Ive been so busy I havent had time to cook lately!!
  4. awwww man!!! Hey at least I tried lol... Seriously Jill, this lady looked just like you... Her hair, her nice outfit, HER CAR!! LOL

    Next time I am taking pics... I am too crazy, I mean come on, look at my sig....
  5. Oh...lol I had to come back and check.

    Jill, hope TAY is doing better now.