I Saw It, Loved It, Bought It, Then Hated It !!!

Jan 23, 2006
A couple of weeks ago I bought the Light brown Zucchino print Fendi Handbag. Now I loved it when I saw it in the store, But when i purchased it and brought it home I hated it, The color especially. Have you ever bought something you thought you would love then didnt ???


Jan 8, 2006
i say if you still have the docket/receipt you should return it to the store... but then again i'm not too sure how you return things over in the States... generally in NZ they give you 14-30 days... i think but as long as you have the original docket/receipt.

good luck!


Balenciaga's lover
Oct 29, 2005
Ya, I bought this Fendi zucchino print mini hobo awhile back. I bought it planning on taking it with me on my vacation, but when I opened the box a few days before my vacation I knew it wasn't what I expected. Nevertheless, I took it with me on vacation anyway thinking that I'll eventually like it in the long run (and plus I didn't want to return it because I needed a small bag asap). Well, I still don't like it and it's just sitting in my closet right now collecting dust. Next time, I'm going to give myself plenty of time to decide...


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
Greenie said:
Sometimes the light in the store doesnt show the color right. Maybe that's why you hated it when you got it home.

i bought a pair of pants at the gap one time that looked like a medium shade of khaki, and when i took them home or wore them anywhere else, they were OLIVE GREEN. i was so pissed.


Bonne vivante
Oct 24, 2005
I really hate the fluorescent lighting in most stores because of how it distorts some colors. Whenever I'm trying on makeup, I ask to take a hand mirror to where I can see what I'm trying in either natural or incandescent light. I bought a Kooba Sienna online a couple of weeks back, in the light tan with the ivory stitching. It's a beautiful bag but the tan is kind of a pink-y/peachy color, and every time I try to wear it with something in my closet, it just doesn't look right. So back it's going today. I don't hate it, but I don't love it enough to keep it.


Flat Broke
Dec 22, 2005
That happened to me last week.. bought a Coach bag and was between leather and signature print. Bought the sig. and I couldn't even look at in in the car! It was the ugliest thing, so I returned it and got the leather one.

Hollister is a store where I can't buy a thing. They have NO LIGHTS in that store.


. . .
Feb 22, 2006
yup. i saw the cutest pair of Guess pumps. they were just the cutest color for spring/summer. they felt okay when i tried them on at the store. then i brought 'em home and tried them on again, those things were killing my feet after wearing them for only 10 mins. i was so disappointed.


I love bags
Sep 13, 2005
Oh yea.. I do it all the time. Buyers remorse of sorts?

Or something a bit different... I buy something I love and it seems to fit perfectly in the store, then I try it on at home and it won't button?!?! How do you explain that?!