I Saw It, Loved It, Bought It, Then Hated It !!!

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  1. A couple of weeks ago I bought the Light brown Zucchino print Fendi Handbag. Now I loved it when I saw it in the store, But when i purchased it and brought it home I hated it, The color especially. Have you ever bought something you thought you would love then didnt ???
  2. Yup. That's why there's something called "returns." :P
  3. Really !!!! ????
  4. i say if you still have the docket/receipt you should return it to the store... but then again i'm not too sure how you return things over in the States... generally in NZ they give you 14-30 days... i think but as long as you have the original docket/receipt.

    good luck!
  5. Ya, I bought this Fendi zucchino print mini hobo awhile back. I bought it planning on taking it with me on my vacation, but when I opened the box a few days before my vacation I knew it wasn't what I expected. Nevertheless, I took it with me on vacation anyway thinking that I'll eventually like it in the long run (and plus I didn't want to return it because I needed a small bag asap). Well, I still don't like it and it's just sitting in my closet right now collecting dust. Next time, I'm going to give myself plenty of time to decide...
  6. Sometimes the light in the store doesnt show the color right. Maybe that's why you hated it when you got it home.
  7. i bought a pair of pants at the gap one time that looked like a medium shade of khaki, and when i took them home or wore them anywhere else, they were OLIVE GREEN. i was so pissed.
  8. :suspiciou I think I might have a pair like that from the Gap. :shame: :lol:
  9. I really hate the fluorescent lighting in most stores because of how it distorts some colors. Whenever I'm trying on makeup, I ask to take a hand mirror to where I can see what I'm trying in either natural or incandescent light. I bought a Kooba Sienna online a couple of weeks back, in the light tan with the ivory stitching. It's a beautiful bag but the tan is kind of a pink-y/peachy color, and every time I try to wear it with something in my closet, it just doesn't look right. So back it's going today. I don't hate it, but I don't love it enough to keep it.
  10. That happened to me last week.. bought a Coach bag and was between leather and signature print. Bought the sig. and I couldn't even look at in in the car! It was the ugliest thing, so I returned it and got the leather one.

    Hollister is a store where I can't buy a thing. They have NO LIGHTS in that store.
  11. Isn't Hollister ridiculous!?:Push:
  12. Oh yeah, I've tried that some couple of times *lol*
  13. yup. i saw the cutest pair of Guess pumps. they were just the cutest color for spring/summer. they felt okay when i tried them on at the store. then i brought 'em home and tried them on again, those things were killing my feet after wearing them for only 10 mins. i was so disappointed.
  14. Oh yea.. I do it all the time. Buyers remorse of sorts?

    Or something a bit different... I buy something I love and it seems to fit perfectly in the store, then I try it on at home and it won't button?!?! How do you explain that?!
  15. I tend to return dresses and skirts more than bags. I know what bags I like and don't like usually. I'm not to sure of my clothes, though. Things always look better on in the store! :suspiciou
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