I saw it in the store in NOV, but never again?

  1. This is a really random question, but, I saw this GORGEOUS small bag, if memory serves me right, a clutch in black, with gold metal hardware, and there was a snake I think on the clasp. Sorry for being so vague, but at the time, all I saw was the price $1200- and although I fell in :heart: with it, I couldn't look at that price when it was holiday season! Of course, I can't stop thinking about it and I've searched everywhere online looking for it. does it sound familar to anyone?? I have no idea what the style name or # is, and I think it may have belonged to the vintage collection as they were really pushing the vintage shoe collection in the store at that time. anyone?? help!
  2. Is this it????
  3. sadly, no...there was definetly a snake on it, either on the front or the clasp or maybe there was a snake on the strap, like where the gold rope chain is??
  4. I think it was called a "cissy"? which would make it not a clutch, but a small hobo- any pics or info?? please!
  5. I have been thru my book and on line but am not sure which bag it might be. I would say e-mail my SA Casey and describe it as best as possible, also when you saw it. When she has a moment to research, she might be able to hunt down photos of it to send to you to confirm that it is what you are looking for. That is my opinion. It worked for one of the other JC lovers:yes: Casey found the bag and it was WAAAAY inexpensive:tup:

    Good luck:yes:

  6. thankyou!