I saw EVERYTHING!! well...almost...

  1. So, my SA called me yesterday to inform me that they are having a show for their upcoming items which will be shown only today from 12-3...so of course, i went to the boutique so see the bags first hand...and OMG, they had almost everything!!!

    here are all the items i saw:

    Mancrazy :drool:
    Exotic Watercolor Speedy :heart:
    Exotic Watercolor Papillon :drool:
    Black Before Dark :love:
    Beige After Dark
    Monogram Graduate
    Pink Ostrick Leather Speedy
    Pulp Weekender GM Red
    Pulp Weekender PM Yellow
    Watercolor Speedy
    Rayeur GM
    Rayeur PM
    Rayeur Messenger
    Limelight Clutch Gold :love:
    Limelight Clutch Black
    Mahina XL
    Mahina XXL

    i was in heaven!!! i LOVE almost all of it...especially the first 5 on my list...i really, really love the black "before dark"...i saw it in red in the reference thread and i wish they had it in red at the boutique...the ostrich leather speedy is nice, but i thought it was kinda tacky that it had "speedy" on the front....

    so i was waitlisted for the watercolor speedy vvn...after seeing it in person, it just was not me...it looks, weird to me, imo (aaahh, don't kill me!!) :angel:...i think i'm going to ask my SA to take me off the list...i do love the exotic watercolor speedy though...i think the red snakeskin handle and the red "opening" really goes well with the watercolor...

    anyway, i just wanted to share...sorry it's such a long thread...
  2. lucky girl! I missed the show at my LV - it was on V-Day, so it wasn't the best timing. Oh I hope I like the watercolor speedy when I see it in person. I've been mad about this bag!

    Sooooo... did you waitlist for anything else?
  3. Wow, sounds like a great show... very lucky!
  4. i wanted to waitlist for the mancrazy, but it's out of my budget now... :crybaby: i will be back tomorrow to pick up my limelight clutch!!! :yahoo: i'm still waitlisted for the watercolor speedy, it looks so good in pictures though...i'll still have to think about that one...

    i wish i had a chance to take pictures in the store today....it was just sooo busy and was on my lunch break...hehe
  5. How cool!!! I'm anxious to see the watercolor speedy IRL....I'm not sure whether it's going to be love or not!
  6. GREAT LIST...:tup: BUT not fair as there no man bags..:crybaby:
  7. ^^^ ditto!
  8. sorry prada :crybaby:....i'm sure there were, i just wasn't looking in that section...i had to get out of there ASAP as i was on my "extended" lunch break...LOL
  9. UNREAL - how exciting to see it all at once. Were they busy?
  10. WOW, I wish I was there. Lucky you.
  11. Whoops! See next post....
  12. "

    Any word on the Watercolor Speedy coming in a 30 or not? Is it just the 35?[
  13. Hmm Rayeur Messenger? Does anyone have any pictures???


  14. lucky!! i would love to see the watercolor line upclose!
  15. ^^^ yes! it was so exciting to see them all at once...they were quite busy...oh, and our boutique do not normally sell RTW, but there were some on the sales floor...