I saw Dentelle & tons of Azur today!!

  1. Anyone looking for dentelle wallets, azur speedy 25 and azur wallets, call Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA. I personally didn't care for the dentelle, I think it won't hold up, especially the wallets. But they did have several different styles, can't tell you EXACTLY what as I sorta looked really quick as I was trying to stop my older kid from pushing my younger kid out the door in his stroller. So I sorta did a "fly by" but there were at least 5 in the display case. They did have an azur speedy 25 in the display case and two longer wallets, I think a zippy and pti (maybe). They also have the pochette, cles and french purse there.
  2. thanks for the info! im interested in an azur pochette!
  3. Thanks for the info.
  4. Thanks for the info!
  5. i was thinking about getting the pochette to go with my speedy and cles..are they hard to find?
  6. Thanks for the info! Guess I will call my new SA in Rodeo Drive!
  7. thanks for the info!:yes:
  8. Thanks !!
  9. I didn't like the Dentelle either, my SA was trying to get me to get the gold Speedy. Meh. Also, there was a lot of Azur at my store and a Speedy (25 I think?) as well.