I saw Deana's Pink Day and went to try it at the store ...

  1. It's the first time i've even thought about getting a Day. After trying it, I love it!!! :yahoo:

    It's so casual chic looking!:drool:

    Too bad they didn't have any SS08 colors out in the Day yet. The only color available was black and it still look really cool! The black that i tried was the SS08 leather and it IS so smooshy. Maybe even more smooshy than my 05s.:love:

    I read in this forum that somehow the Days always have nicer leathers?

    I was wondering if the Day owners or ex-owners call tell me what they love or can't stand about the Day style?

    It seems like a good everyday grab and go bag. Would it be better to get it in a darker color? (Although i'm totally sold on the BG in day!:graucho: *Just trying to be practical!:roflmfao:)

    Thank you all in advance!! :lol:
  2. The BG days I have seen have very silky leather like my 07 Anthra day:tup:

    There is nothing I don't like about the Day - great bag!
  3. Agreed. One of my favorites!

    Only thing that I don't like (thee one, thee only) is the rubbing or color transfer on the back of the day near the seam on the bottom. I don't know if it's just my height (I'm 5'3'') but on lighter days, the color always transfers.

    Still love it tho.
  4. I was debating whether to get a BG Day or a BG City with GSH.

    Is there enough room under the arm to carry the Day comfortably???

    Any opinions????? HELP!
  5. I have a black day and I love it - mine is an 07 and it has the thickest, chewiest leather of any of my bags. It is a great casual bag!! Not only is it very roomy, but the interior pocket is also much larger than that of a city so it easily holds all of the things that you reach for the most - wallet, keys, cell, etc. There is nothing about it that I don't like, except that the zipper was a little stiff at first. Personally, I prefer the day in darker, more neutral tones, but you should definitely go with the BG if that's the color that you :heart:!
  6. I love Days, i have an Apple Green, BG pink and a french blue, i had a sapin day that i used this year, i used it every day for 6 months, i just sold it and it still looked brand new even the handles, light colours for me are just for the odd outing as they are so dirt attracting! but my Sapin was a super star! Now its the french Blues turn!!!
  7. I have a sky blue day, and I love everything about it. I think the only thing that bugs me sometimes, is not being able to find smaller things at the bottom of the bag. I'd love to have one in a darker color, black would be amazing!
  8. See thing is, I have the black City with GSH and I loved someone's BG part-time with GSH.....gorgeous combo!!!

    Is the BG available in the Day with GSH??? Or should I just get regular hardware???

    Maybe I should start a new thread lol!!!
  9. The day will fit perfectly over your shoulder with room to spare, even if you're bundled up in a winter coat. It might be difficult to tell in pictures, but the bag sort of slouches down into itself, making it incredibly comfortable to carry. Unfortunately, I don't have any good modeling pics but there are a ton of great day photos in the "Photos wearing your Bbags - PICTURES ONLY!" thread.
  10. oh yeah! You can swing the day over your shoulder with any coat on no problem! It looks esp sexy with a tank top though...:graucho:
  11. I'll check it out!!! Thanks!
  12. luna i know that you mean, i too am on the hunt for the bg day after i saw deana's. i can't wait to get one.
  13. The Day is my favorite Bal bag. My only complaint is finding things at the bottom of the bag.

  14. The day fits the best on my shoulders amongst all my bbags. I went from zero to three in a matter of weeks, so I do love this style. If you want a more structured style, the giant hobo will be suitable!

    I believe the S/S 08 Day with GH are not in stores yet, but that they do come in GH.

    I think RDC had a great suggestion for padding out the Day so you are able to find things easily - put a folded scarf in the bottom of the bag so your things are not right at the bottom, and you have a nice warm scarf to use if it's cold!
  15. The Day is a favorite of mine!!! I'm waiting for the turquoise :love: