I Saw Brad Pitt @ Airport Today!!!!! **pics**

  1. i was at the vegas airport today. as hubby and i were walking towards our gate, we noticed a lil crowd with security peeps over by the slot machines. lo and behold, right smack in front of our gate was mr. hotness himself....BRAD PITT!!!! only 10 ft away from me!!!! i couldn't believe my eyes. didn't know why no one was screaming though, so i thought maybe it wasn't him. then i saw chics snapping pics like crazy. security kept repeating "quiet please, no flashes please". then i realized he was filming a scene (playing slots and winning) for his new movie "ocean's 13". of course, i then had to whip out my camera too.....sorry for the blurry pics. i was shaking like crazy from the excitement! enjoy....

    p.s. i thought buying an hermes kelly (more on that in the hermes forum) 2 days ago was the highlight of my vegas trip, but seeing gorgeous brad pitt in person was even BETTER!!!!! LOL :girlsigh: :heart: :girlsigh::heart: :girlsigh::heart: :girlsigh:
    IMG_1846_edited.jpg IMG_1833_edited.jpg IMG_1838_edited.jpg IMG_1845_edited.jpg
  2. Oh my god, that's awesome!! What a fabulous trip!!!
  3. you're so lucky!!!
  4. Oh My GOSH!!!! YOU ARE SOOO LUCKY!!!!! He looks very cute there!! Wow, taht is sooo cool! Wow, I can't believe you saw him, oh that must have been such a pretty sight! My aunt would have fainted she loves Brad Pitt.
  5. Great pics! He looks hot!!
  6. AWww lucky you:girlsigh: He's HOT!:nuts:
  7. :nuts: Fantastic pics! What a great story!

    Congrats on your Hermès Kelly! How exciting!
  8. That is awesome! Great story and Thanks for sharing the pics!:flowers:
  9. i would just DIE!!! i probably would have been escorted out of the airport! wow he looks soooo HOTT there! :smile:
  10. omg!!! you are sooo lucky to see him in person!!! i would've fainted too i love him!!!
  11. I :heart: BRAD PITT!
    Yesterday I saw Scarlett Johansson in LAX (with her new Chanel PNY, but that's another topic) and I was just telling my friend I'd rather see Pitt! :nuts: You're too lucky! Is he filming or something?
  12. i was so surprised how close he was to me....or shall i say how close i was to him! HA! hubby thought i was C-R-A-Z-Y. i kept repeating "OMG, OMG, OMG!!" like a starstruck teenybopper (i'm 33). i was frantically taking pics and text messaging my friends at the same time!! and not to mention, hubby trying to hurry me up so that we could board the plane (we were running late). hubby even had to admit though, that brad looked HOT! of course, he then followed that up with "is he hotter than me though?" before i could answer, he said "uhhhh, let me remind you it wasn't brad pitt who bought u the hermes 2 days ago!" LOL it's been 10 hours and i'm still starstruck.....
  13. he was filming a scene for the movie "ocean's 13"
  14. :choochoo: 0o0o0 what a score!!! SO HOT!!! thanks for sharing!!!! :jammin:
  15. :yahoo:I'm starstruck just by looking at your photos peanutbabycakes!! I can't imagine how you must've felt, being around his aura :nuts:!