I saw an English Flap in a magazine today!

  1. Here is the photo of it ;)

  2. Hey Vicky! Are you back for good now?

    Those are cute purses!
  3. that's really cool!
  4. Hello! Skinny........my bank a/c is OK now :yes: !

    Thanks for remembering me :yes:
  5. Great! Time to shop now hehe!
  6. Hey Vicky-- good to see you back!
    My S/A called last night he had that red,white & blue flap in and was inquiring if I wanted it. As much as I like it, I told him I would pass on it. It is smaller than the medium flap and it is $1795.00.
  7. I have to admit, it's really cute...cuter than the French flag. I wish it wasn't perforated.
  8. Hi Penny,

    Thank you for remembering me ;) !
    I think the English one is nice for the one who has something deal with English, England :idea:
  9. LOL it reminds me of Austin Powers :graucho:
  10. Wow - that's intense.
  11. hmm.. hope i dun offend anyone.. but that bag looks like what the Spice Girls would carry.. :p
  12. Did they really make that bag? What's the occasion? Cute, but VERY special.
  13. I totally agree. Very retro!
    Welcome back, Vicky!

  14. :p