I saw an Azur Speedy today!

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  1. And it wasn't inside the LV store! It looked soooo good. Darn...do I need one of these now too?

    Purse lust while Christmas shopping at Valley Fair. (Oh and by the way ladies, for the local ladies, Lush opened today!)

    I'm thinking a Cles would look cute with my Denim Baggy PM.
  2. Yes, you do need speedy azur..it's yummy!
  3. the speedy azur is so cute...my good friend has one. now, i also want to get one. lol
  4. You are so lucky to see it on the street...I didn't see anyone carrying it so far.
  5. i havnt seen anyone carrying azur on the street either (besides me hehe). Will be excited the first time i do though!
  6. I haven't seen an Azur in public, yet. The only line I see is Mono.
  7. I love my Azur Speedy!! The only other one I have seen is when I was at the Holiday Party on Thursday :smile:
  8. :nuts: me too... i saw it for the first time today too!!! i was in Hamilton, (an hour or so drive away from Auckland) and i was going into the Mall with my friends and i turned around and i saw this young Mum holding one... i was like :nuts: and trying to show my B-Bag offf :roflmfao: but she didnt see me gawking at her bag... no patina yet, but wow!!! it looked great on her!
  9. I saw a young lady carry the 30 at Copley Place Mall.. and boy did it look good with her outfit. lol
  10. So did I on Wednesday! That was my first time Ive ever seen the Azur in real life! I think its really pretty!
  11. I saw one last month, It looked great.
  12. It's a sign....get it , get it, get it!:P
  13. I think I'm gonna get one soon. I haven't seen anyone carrying it yet here in the NJ area. I think maybe because it's Winter here and they think it's for Spring/Summer?
  14. Wow, the only Azur I have ever seen is my very own! I see mono frequently, fake and real, and occasionally a reg. damier. I suspect it'll be a while if ever that I see another azur.
  15. I think you should get it!!! I totally can't wait to get mine :smile: