I saw an Americal Idol today while shopping.....

  1. it was Sanjaya and he looked like a freaky Michael Jackson wanna be!! He was at the Grove in LA with his mom shopping. He stood next to me talking to this couple for like 10 minutes, he freaked me out!!
  2. Isn't that the kid that should have been voted off the other day? I don't even watch Idol that consistently... but I do know he deserved to go home last week! His performance was terrible...
  3. he has deserved to go home EVERY week but stupid people keep voting for him - there's this website that encourages people to vote for the worst to keep them around and he's number one on that list:

    Vote for the Worst

    that salt-n-pepper, can't sing worth crap, season 5 winner - shoot totally forgot his name, had to look it up - Taylor Hicks was on it last year and damnit he won!
  4. Yeah, this website was the same one responsible for the "Chicken Little" singer craze. I think (hope) eventually it will die down and sanjaya leaves. Not only is he a terrible singer but he is so creepy!!!!
  5. He freaks me the hell out!:shocked:
  6. Oh how cool! I'm not a big fan of him, but still... meeting someone that's on Idol is still pretty cool. I would've asked him what his secret is when he straightens his hair.
  7. Neat!

    I can't staaaaaaaaaaaaaand Sanjayjay, he's so annoying and so BAD!!!
  8. Awww, I feel bad for the poor kid. He knows he doesn't deserve to be there, especially as everyone is telling it to his face all the time, but he's not controlling the voting. He just goes out there and tries his best (even though admittedly his best is a whisper rendition of a song). It's not his fault he has a bunch of disgruntled sites voting for him.
  9. I agree with Sailornep5. I'm sure he knows he should of been voted off but just goes along for another week. Nothing he can do, its the voters. I don't really think he sings that bad its just so soft. He needs to cut loose and let it out
  10. Yep I totally agree.

    I think it is such a waste of time for people to have these sites, but what can you do?
  11. Haha he does remind me of Michael Jackson in a freaky way.

    But I do feel bad for him. Well, kind of. It's not his fault people keep voting for him.
  12. Haha I think that's cool! I'd love to know which flatiron he uses. I have a feeling he's sticking around with the teens, VFTW crowd and Howard Stern encouraging people to vote for him.
  13. VFTW has clout at this point in the game--when they can still put out the numbers that can make a difference in the voting. Later, though, when their person gets voted off, and they have to pick a new mascot, I've found they often choose someone who probably won't really get voted off right away, and then take credit for keeping them on.
  14. You are so right. You are very kind to put this situation in perspective.:smile:
  15. i actually think it's pretty mean to call the kid names and such. personally, i don't think he's technically a bad singer... he just has no stage presence, lacks charisma, and is just not suited for the competition. i thought he and his sister were really cute when they first auditioned together in Seattle. they seem like a nice family.

    i totally agree w/ sailornep. it's not his fault he's still there... and i'm sure he knows he's certainly not the best singer there.

    on the other hand, i can understand the motivation behind those sites. AI is not a true talent competition, it's a reality tv show. they pass up too many great singers in the first round of auditions (before even getting to meet the judges). they personally select horrible singers over the good ones that make good tv, and we know 1000+ people don't even get to see the Simon, Paula, and Randy. i just feel like they already handpick who they want to win... like last year, i just thought they were really grooming Katharine McPhee to be the winner, but I was so glad to see Taylor win instead.