I saw an 2nd Gen OP Gioco !!

  1. but sadly it's fake ...:cursing::cursing:



    Oh man!! Don't it just look like the 2nd gen european OPs complete with the silver rivets?? The only tell tale sign at first glance is the fake Qee and beads...

    Its so unnerving to see this...
  2. Um, I can't see it at all? I've got red x's
  3. I wonder if the silver rivets come with those rubber things on it like i see on this picture??

    what if they just replaced the fake qees with a real one that you can buy on eBay???
  4. Cant see it either
  5. whats the difference between the 1st and 2nd gen?
  6. First generation has blue hardaware and green rivets...apparently the second generation has silver hardware and I think the rivets are silver as well. Oh yeah, and first generation comes with meomi...while second comes with the regular white qee.
  7. yah I can't see the pic :sad:
  8. Is there supposed to be a picture?:confused1: Can't see anything.:search:
  9. did you right click and click "show picture"...that worked for me :biggrin:
  10. ahh now that I'm at home I can see the pics. Yah the bag looks sooo cuuute ... but yah too bad it's fake :push:
  11. well besides the way the qee looks on the wrong keychain, the lesportsac logo looks fake too..
  12. hehe sorry about the pics...here goes again..

  13. Geez...!
  14. The OP looks so damn good in a gioco!! *sigh* I wish they made more.. :sad: