I saw a very stiff paddy!

  1. I went to NM in vegas and i came across a dark mustard/tanish paddy. Never even the color before, but the leather was very stiff, and not very soft like usual. NO SlOUch. Sorry to say that it felt like a generic leather couch, there was no signs of the normal pebble grain... I have three paddys, and i hope for the future paddy's they don't change the leather....sorry to say disappointed. :sad2:
  2. Yaa-yo. Hi there! I'm in Vegas, too. Is it the new yellow color, jaune? In the classic satchel? I'm interested in seeing one IRL. I agree with you on the leather. I want a pebbly, soft, slouchy bag.
  3. Me too! I was at Saks NYC and saw a very stiff looking mousse paddy. The leather didn't even look real - more like a bad fake. What's going on? Thank goodness my blanc paddy leather is soft :oh:
  4. I think that some of the newer bags are like this...the jeans moyen that I had was quite stiff, not like the noir at all. If I hadn't bought at NM, I would have been suspicious of it. I have seen some new blancs that were quite stiff as well.
  5. I noticed that about a Chocolate paddy I saw at Barney's in BH a few weeks ago. The leather was stiffer than mine and not at all pebbly.
  6. yeah that's it. I don't have an IRL, but maybe if you drop by NM u can see it. It looks like shoe leather. LOL:blink:
  7. Maybe for the future paddys they are going away from the pebble type leather.
  8. Yah i purchased a chocolate paddy from NAP, and it is alot stiffer than my two other paddy i purchased over a year ago. Unfortunately it's not one of my faves. it feels like a totally different bag.

  9. yah it did look fake. it's like they stripped a bunch of old shoes and used the leather to make fake paddys.:blink:
  10. i think the pebbled leather is what made the bag along with the slouchyness. oh, i hope they do not change it either.
  11. Maybe it is something in the dye process? Although my mousse was soft and pebbly and squishy...not stiff at all. And my blanc is the same way. If I take the stuffing out, it just collapses into a puddle.
  12. Yikes, I hope they don't change the leather either. I have to say that the appeal of that handbag lies in the buttery leather and the slouched effect!
  13. I do hope that it is because of the dying process that is causing the leathers to look so stiff. But being that it is leather, its is bound to soften up over time... right??
  14. Yes, I saw this same bag at NM yesterday and was very disappointed. It looked very stiff. I almost asked the SA to let me take the stuffing out just to see if it would collapse, It just looked really fake...
  15. I saw one too at SAk and it looked fake. the quality has changed, and the leather is thinner, and the weight is so much lighter. I know i'm not going crazy cause the paddy is my everyday bag, and when you own three you can totally tell the difference. :sad2: But on the other hand i saw a large whiskey edith, and it seems like that's where they invested all their quality leather.