I saw a very cute new things to share!!

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  1. Here they are:
    img10402530588.jpg img10402530589.jpg img10402530590.jpg img10402530592.jpg img10402530593.jpg
  2. oh that is really cute! is it part of the charms collection? Thanks for the pics!
  3. and this:
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 6.jpg
  4. another one:
    11.jpg 22.jpg 33.jpg a.jpg b.jpg
  5. Yeah I saw that patent wallet the price was in Japanese but I think it works out at around £500-£600/ $1000-$1200, WAAAY TOO much for a wallet!
  6. I really like this!
  7. really nice. thanks for sharing
  8. omg i love the first wallet! :love:
  9. Woah!!!! :wtf: $1+k for a wallet is insane. Does anyone feel that chanel's prices have been getting a bit intolerable lately? Especially when so many people seem to have problems with the quality of their bags :cursing:.
  10. wow they are all soo pretty! thanks for posting the pics!!
    I love the lucky charms wallets! does someone knows the price ?
  11. Love the charms wallet.
  12. Oh, I like them all, esp. the charms wallet!:heart:
  13. love the charm wallet.
  14. The first one is soooo cute!!! I want it!