I saw a tiny Paddington Capsule at NM in SF today. It was in a glass case. I stared

  1. at it for a good 5 minutes! It was almost like a clutch, but it had a strap as well. There were no sales reps around to show it to me or tell me the price, but that's good because i am in no condition to spend $$$$ on another bag! Has anyone seen this or know how much it is? (just curious) Thanks!
  2. I saw the exact same (in the UK) at the weekend, and I too drooled. I've been looking for a evening/occasional bag for ages and it was the perfect size for me. The small capsule I saw was in Bleu Nuit (but to be honest it looked like a metallic black, perfect, would have gone with anything), and it was £405. So I guess it would be about $800 in the US?

    I think I am going to go for it!
  3. I love this too... haven't seen it irl, but have admired it in pictures. I think it's a great style.
  4. Can someone post a pic?
  5. Where did you observe this mini delight?
  6. Now, I want to go check it out too!!
  7. I saw it in a boutique in Guildford called The Courtyard. They sell high end designer clothes and have a few bags, not many. They also have the Heloise, medium and large styles (actually really liked the Heloise too in real life, wasn't so keen on the pictures but it does come into its own in the flesh).

    If you live in the South East it might be worth having a look but they do insured mail order for £10. They don't accept returns though, only exchanges or credit notes.
  8. Thank you - I am in a village between Winchester and Eastleigh - so that is pretty convenient for me. I have just located their website, although they are not showing this bag yet. Great range of designers!!
  9. Yes - I spotted that and was irriated that they didn't put any dimensions and had it down as both brown and navy.
  10. I saw it on Matches too, and thought that as they described it as Navy (ignoring the brown reference), they must have the Bleu Nuit too.

    It is quite small, but big enough to stuff a purse, phone and make-up I would say. I really liked it because I have been looking for an evening bag (preferably Chloe) for ages, and thought that the Paddie Clutch looked far too small (and a lot of money for its size) for all the paraphanalia (spelling?) I carry about.

    It is a small world chloe-babe! It's a funny little boutique I think, very hit and miss. However I do feel a phone call to the Courtyard coming on tomorrow.... will keep you posted.
  11. Ooo, very cute! I think it is my fav from the paddy capsule collection.
  12. Can we have some good photos when the parcel arrives please!?!
  13. very cute!