I saw a shoplifter get taken down!

  1. I went to a mall across town I never go to. It used to be the pits, but friends told me they have remodeled and are going up scale. Anyways, while I was walking past PacSun a girl, about 14-16 years old ran past me with her purse flapping and her shoes untied. A moment later a rent-a-cop mall security guard ran past me. Seconds later the guard tackled the girl to the ground and put her in a head lock. The girl started to scream, "Get the F*** off me ! I'll tell my dad!" The guard said, "I told you to stop in the store when I caught you, now are you going to behave?" She then replied back by trying to spit in his face.

    At this time, I decided to stop and gawk. This was too good to keep on walking past. Meanwhile, while the guard is sitting on the vulgar mouthed girl, more guards run to his aid, Louisville PD officers arrive, and then here comes the boyfriend. Even more bulligerant and starts mouthing off to the guard who was sitting on her. After a LPD officer approaches him, he offers to pay for the stuff she stole. When they declined his offer, he got mad and started cussing and threatening to hit the cop. By this time she's in handcuffs, and now the boyfriend is too.

    Maybe I should go to that mall more often. I thought I was having an unsuccessful shopping trip, but the events proceeding, sure brightened my mood. :lol:
  2. Nice! What was she trying to steal?
  3. It's good that the little thief got caught, but it's hard to imagine a grown man having to put a young girl in a headlock. Was this a big girl that was really fighting hard?
  4. Tsk, tsk, tsk.
  5. Sounds like it was quite a show! I'm glad you didn't get hurt. People can get pretty desperate when trying to elude the law.
  6. oh goodness I hope those 2 kids don't procreate.
  7. whoawie. sounds like crazy kids!
  8. Don't feel too sorry for her! :noggin: The cop/security's first duty is to make sure they and the innocent are SAFE. First and foremost. And then to bring the perpetrator to a stop. 14 year old girls can fight pretty good and some places in the US they pack weapons.

    I don't care if the person being beligerent is 9 years old or 99 years old, I want my husband to get them under control, cuff 'em, and stay safe.

    And where was this girl's parents? She sounds like a total brat who should be thrown in the slammer for at least one nigiht. I hope this taught her some sort of lesson but somehow I doubt it. :cursing:
  9. hehe-awesome! I've never seen anyone steal something, much less seen someone get caught like that!
  10. Casto-- ditto!

    That brat deserved what she got!! I hope the store presses charges!
  11. LOL - I'm glad she got taken down!

    hehehe, this situation reminds me of my weekend working days at a Pharmacy - the Pharmacist I was working with totally JUMPED the Dispensary Counter and bolted after a shoplifter - it was quite OMG - but then we all laughed about it later 'coz we couldn't believe that the Pharmacist JUMPED the Dispensary Counter to get the shoplifter! :lol:
  12. hahaha! u should've whipped out your DV or something and caught it on tape!

    she got what she deserved..at least she'll learn while she's still young!
  13. Sad thing is this goes on more than we even know it and we all pay for the goods when we make our purchases.
  14. I've had a thief run past me, he stole a pair of Industrie jeans but they couldn't catch him because he had the whole thing elaborately set up...he had a bicycle parked outside the store and so all he did was hop on it and rode away, mind you it's a downward sloping street so there was no way for the sales associate to run after him
  15. LOL nice entertainment!

    I once told my manager I knew these two kids were stealing, who then called mall security and busted them. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the fruits of my labour, but my manager did.