i saw a pink classic flap today

  1. I saw a medium size pink classic flap in cavier today in Saks, it's totally adorable, but i'm just wondering if pink is a seasonal color or it's always been around, cuz i asked the SA about it, she said they've always had that color, which made me less tempted to buy it... :tdown: but i thought pink is a seasonal color, so can anyone tell me whether it's a seasonal color or not?
  2. pink?? do you know what kind of bag it was? chanel hasn't made pink in the last 2 seasons that i know of...hm interesting~ pink is in fact a seasonal color. the next pink will be ss08 reissue. maybe it was a return...

  3. ummm, what do u mean by what kind of bag? sorry, i'm new to chanel, but it's exactly like the pic i attached here ( borrowed from eBay).
  4. pink is seasonal, you should get it if you like it, it's not easy to come by
  5. the picture you posted is of the classic flap. pink has been produced in the grand shopping tote as well as the cerf tote. but pink in general has not been made in a few seasons. whoever that SA was gave you the wrong info! iceearl is right, pink is not a color that's often around in chanel so if you really like it you should get it
  6. Ohhh, I have and LOVE that pink flap!! :heart: I found mine recently at NM, and there weren't many left in the system... my SA found me several but it was hard to find one that was perfect (I'm very picky haha). :p I'm pretty sure this pink classic flap is from last spring (or even the season prior), so the bags left in inventory are left over from then.

    IMO, I don't think the fact that this shade of pink has been around for some years (I have a pink caviar bowler from several years ago) should deter you from buying the flap if you like it. :smile: Chanel is releasing both pink and light pink flaps for s/s '08, but in all likelihood, one of those pinks will probably be this shade... plus, they'll be $2395 at that point, so if you love the color (which is NOT easy to find in a flap!), why not get it now? ;)
  7. thank you fieryfashionist, :yahoo:ur response is soooo helpful to me. i think i will wait for the s/s '08 colors, for now, i'll probably get a black jumbo before the price increase.