I saw a picture of theNew Vernis Amarante Bowler

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  1. I had a quick look at the Australian June issue of In Style at a coffee shop today and I saw a picture of the new Vernis bowler bag in Amarante!!:yahoo:

    According to the mag it will be released in Australia on 11 June!! It looks quite nice in the picture but I think one would have to see it IRL to truely appreciate the color!! From the picture the color looks almost like black! Can't wait to see it IRL!:P

    Anyone knows whether all styles in the new color will be released at the same time?
  2. Oh i cant wait to see it.
  3. Oh wow...I'd love to see a pic of it!!!

    I thought all the Amarante bags weren't being released until later in the Fall? And only the inclusion stuff was coming in the summer?
  4. oohhhhhhh can't wait!!! Almost black, that's great news for me! Does anybody have a scan or a pic?? I kept searching in the fall/winter thread but besides the luggage pic I haven't found an amarante bag pic yet.
  5. 11th June!? wow, that's exciting!! I too thought the bags were out in the Fall.
  6. Yes, but in Australia it is Fall/Winter now, right?
  7. Oooh I wanna see!
  8. that makes sense...:yes:
  9. :wtf: I wana see a picture!!!!! :drool:
  10. Ooooh, please scan the picture if you can!
  11. yes, I saw the pic too. It has a hint of purple though.
  12. Bowler? Sounds like a great alternative to the bedford.... WOW!!!!
  13. Can't wait to see them in real life...
  14. If you can please post a picture. Were all dying to see it.
  15. Someone please post a pic! Or even take a pic with your camera LOL I'm dying to see it!