I saw a painted Speedy today!

  1. While shopping at Valley Fair today! It was gorgeous, diagonally along the bottom of the bag (from about half way down to one corner, or therabouts) was a red and white stripe with initials.

    SO, if it was you with the QN, you looked very stylish and chic, and your bag rocked!
  2. aww I want to see pics of these customized speedies!
  3. oh nice, I have never seen one IRL.
  4. Okay, this sounds stupid, but can we customize the LV? Do you ask the stores to do that?
  5. I thought LV only can customize luggage piece..love to have red stripe on my speedy..
  6. Sounds amazingly cute!
  7. Cool! I want to have my alzer painted evetually. How much is it to have LV painted?
  8. I would love to see that..sounds cute
  9. I want to see the pics:tender:
  10. :yes: wanna see the pic :drool:
  11. sounds cute!! I wanna seeee!
  12. Oooh you should have snapped a pic. Haha, you'll be like one of the girls who took a pic of one of the tpfer's antigua.
  13. Antigua with painted stripes and initials sounds like a good idea :nuts:
  14. hmmm I think there's a pic of a woman/celebrity? with a painted speedy in this forum, so I think it *is* possible to get it done. Well... ANY LV accessory is possible even a cles, just a matter of them wanting to do it for you if you're "special" enough lol.... how sad....lol
  15. I've never heard of this before?

    You can have something painted on your speedy by LV..anything you want?

    I'm so confused!:rolleyes: