I saw a Mirage in Manhattan

  1. The 57th Street boutique has the Mirage line in the window -- but no bordeaux speedy. Hmmm. They have already arrived but are not for sale. Feh. And FYI, the other showbags that are coming are on display, too -- limelight clutches in copper and the pearl, a Storm and a Biker.

    Just like a Mirage - you see it, you want it and you can't have it.

    I think it's going to be the only bag I get from the F/W collection. As you've read, my nimbus is going back from whence it came.
  2. I am starting to feel like I don't need any fall bags, yikes did I just say that!

  3. LOL. Wow, you did just say that, irishpandabear!

    Restricter, I hope you'll be happy with the Mirage bad you're getting. Too bad about the Nimbus, but you have to do what you have to do. :yes:
  4. YAY!!! That means it will be released here on Sept 15!!! I can't wait!!!
  5. me too maybe we've looked at them so long we're over it already
  6. I want it!!!!! *throwing a fit*
  7. When we first started looking at F/W, I thought I absolutely needed everything. Now all I want is the Mirage. When you start adding up all that money, it's the price of a new car. One bag is enough.

    The nimbus doesn't go with a single thing I own. The gray is too light to wear with my fall charcoal grays (which look really nice with my silver lockit) It's pretty but pointless if I can't wear it.
  8. YES. are we allowed to play with them? i will be there tomorrow afternoon. maybe when i get there they will have a bordeaux? probably not, shipment for the week is already in i'm sure. but the pics of the bordeaux the member posted here of here bag are TDF!!!!! can't WAIT to get mine!
  9. I'm going to have to go look at the bags irl - I'll be like a kid in a candy store, whee!

  10. ^^^^^^^^^

    I "played" with the bordeaux today. You are getting one incredibly gorgeous bag. The interior is dark burgundy alcantara....the handles are shiny smooth....it is so subtle, and classy.... For a minute there, I was confused if I wanted this or the black one !!!! I have not seen it in black IRL, so my sweet SA is going to hold both for me until next Sat, when it's officially released.
    One thing I didn't like was the price went from $1800 to $1870.....it will be 2K when I finally buy it.....
  11. ^^^ i freaking heard. im sick about it. im wondering if i should just get it in atlantic city to save a lil money. if it was all my money i wouldn't care but i'm trying to keep it as low as possible for my mom and dad since they're buying it for me. the little tiny bit of sales tax difference between new york and new jersey is about $25. seems insignificant after spending that much on a bag but i don't want my mom to freak when i tell her it went up $70.
  12. ...calling atlantic city tomorrow. it sounds like a lot of stores have bordeaux in and i am first on that damn list. lol i am going to call and ask if they have them and that i understand i can't take it home until september 15th but i want to know if it's there.
  13. ...and not to let anyone touch it if it is! lol
  14. I feel quite the opposite. I was against the Mirage speedy, but I'm sort of regreting it right now.
  15. Yay!!! It looks like it will be on time!!