I saw a Ledbury today, finally!

  1. I went to Bloomingdale's (one of the few places that sell Mulberry in the Bay Area) and saw it side by side w/ a Bayswater. Perfect size for me! The Ledbury is black w/ shiny hardware, very slick looking.

    There are a few Mabels there, in patent and plain purple. The patent has silver hardware, very different.

    I'm dreaming of a Ledbury in apple/olive :girlsigh:
  2. Oh wow! I'm from the Bay Area but whenever we go back to visit we're too busy with Family Fun to actually do anything fun like go shopping. Any chance you know who else in the Bay Area carries Mulberry? We'll be up there at the end of the month but the only breathing time we might have will be when we are in Alamo (east bay).

    haha they probably don't allow you to take action pics in the store, eh?
  3. If you're in SoCal, they should have a store near Beverly Hills. They used to have a few in Nordstrom's at the Westfield Valley Fair in San Jose. But last time I went, they're all gone :sad: The Bloomingdale's I went to is up in the City, the brand new one in Westfield. I hope they'll launch a US website soon so we can splurge! HA HA, once in a while I meant.
  4. I saw the one listed in LA but that's over 2 hrs away, and with two kids that ain't gonna happen LOL.

    I figured Valley Fair would probably have them. The kicker is that Valley Fair is like 3 min away from my SIL's house but we're always too busy running all over the Bay Area visiting everyone to go shopping. sigh.
  5. I have two Ledburys, one in pink and one in choc.
    Not too heavy to carry and just the right size for my stuff.
    I did notice a nice Khaki one on eBay!!
  6. I saw the Khaki one too! Great price also. But I want to get either a black or a bright color :p Your pink one is TDF!
  7. You would make so many ladies happy if you could post a Ledbury action shot! :girlsigh: I think you would up the number of action shots in this forum by 50% :smile:
  8. I have a pink ledbury and it's great, it holds a lot but its size is not too big. The only thing I complain with is that it has no internal pocket.
  9. the new Ledburys in the shops do have internal pockets now, unfortunately mine don't either!