I Saw A Horrible Fake Spy Today

  1. I was in line at a shoe store and the woman at the next register had a horrible fake zucca spy. The leather looked hard and peebly, the handles were supposed to be braided but looked like plastic and where the flap should've been there was a snapper - you know those two snaps that are usually found on a clutch evening bag? Yeah those. That purse was hideous! :yucky:
  2. Yuck. I am sorry you had to experience that.
  3. Extremely traumatic experience seeing fake spys. Very sorry you had to see this.
  4. Eeek different strokes for different folks... bad strokes that is
  5. That bag was just wrong on so many levels.
  6. eekk, are you okay>?
  7. Glad you posted your horror story. I too was faced with an ugly, fake spy bag. I swear I almost barfed. I was in a store looking at Xmas cards to order. This is a high end stationary store (weddings, showers, etc). I was waiting for my usual SA to come out and show me the new catalog when I look across from me and there, in all her blissful splendor, is a young woman accompanied by her mother ordering wedding stationary. Her mom was carrying a very beautiful mustard-colored LV Epi Speedy. The young girl, on the other hand, was carrying the most god awful piece of *^@# I've ever come across. Let me describe: imagine the leather/zucca spy bag, but, instead you have pink as the main color leather and white leather where the zucca is supposed to be (as well as on the spy flap). I nearly fell out of my chair. My husband even asked me what was wrong. I discretely summed up the situation for him. He laughed and told me to get a grip.

    After we left the store, I saw the girl from afar. She was walking around perfectly happy with her hideous bag. Poor thing. She didn't look like she needed to carry a fake. She was dressed in head to toe PRADA, for goodness sakes!!! Her mom was the picture of elegance and perfection.

    So what was worse? Knowing that such a horrid bag exists, and someone actually carries it around with pride or the fact that someone would actually wear that monsterosity with PRADA???

    I hate to relive it, but I just had to share.
  8. omg ive been seeing so many lately! actually theres a shop near where i work that is selling ugly fakes im gonna try and take pics!