I saw a greyish bluish caviar jumbo flap

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  1. Anyone have this bag?

    An SA sent me a pic b-cuz she knows i love jumbo caviars but I cannot really tell what it looks like becasue the pic is not great quality.:push:

    She's in a different state otherwise I'd go and look at it myself.

    i have not read anyone talking about any blue jumbos so I'm curious. Does anyone have it? She called it dark blue....but in the pic it looked grey:shrugs:

  2. I've seen a slate blueish colored one. Its kinda greyish. Of course there is a navy blue too.
  3. If it is the slate bluish gray one, it is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
  4. Yes it looks blueish grayish. But she called it blue

    The thing about it though is its a jumbo but its priced at $2495. I don't get it.

    Anyway---just wanted to see if anyone has it.
  5. can you post the pic? if its a jumbo how come its sooo expensive?
  6. I would love to see it!
  7. Can't post the pic bcuz she sent it to my phone. Sorry
  8. i wonder do you have the exact name of the color? i have the bleu fonce caviar medium flap which is blue grey. if it is the same, then it's a fantastic color, goes with everything.
  9. Hm, is it the new chain?
  10. I saw it in lambskin and it was lovely!

  11. it was the old chain
  12. I saw a blueish gray Jumbo Caviar awhile back. I think I mentioned it here and someone said it was blue fonce. It was pretty. A very neutral subdued blue.
  13. I think if it's bluish grey.. It's nice! Grab it and take photos for us.. hehe!
  14. If your phone recieves pictures, you should be able to send them out as well. Maybe forward the picture to your email address. Then you can post the pic. The navy patent reissue is now $2495,but, I know you said its caviar.
  15. Mine is bluish/slate/gray/charcoal (I really can't tell sometimes)...Is this the color you're talking about??? It's the lambskin, not the caviar, and it has the new Bijoux chain....so...is this the color? lol:supacool: (as of 7-9-07, this jumbo flap retails for $2395 without tax)